French Doors

Features & Benefits Of A Marvin French Door

  • Unlimited Customisation: Marvin’s wooden french doors are built around your unique vision with unlimited design possibilities including wood species, glazing bars, traditional or contemporary hardware and a range of colour options.
  • Beauty With Performance: Marvin’s wooden french doors are designed for durability and are certified to a light commercial rating of PG40, which means longevity and performance over time.
  • Simple Clean Profiles: Marvin’s narrow stiles and rails provide a sleek crisp look for enhanced aesthetics and maximum entrance of light.
  • Concealed Multi-Point Locking System: Marvin’s concealed multi-point locking system enhances security with an attractive look.
  • Unmatched Joinery:: Marvin French Doors are handcrafted with flat sanded finished joints as to avoid unsightly V joints.
  • Finely Crafted Wood: By laminating together triple layers of wood, Marvin ensures your french doors are resistant to warping and sticking.
  • Ultra-Durable Ultrex Sill: Marvin’s tough Ultrex sill improves airtightness and withstands seasonal changes, contributing to improved energy efficiency and home comfort.

Custom Designed Wooden French Doors

Custom Made Double French Wood Door

Unmatched in fit and finish, Marvin’s timeless Wooden French Doors are a modern classic. Combining traditional design and expert Marvin craftsmanship, our energy-efficient Wooden French Door features endless design combinations to complement any space.

From conception to completion the Marvin Architectural team will advise you on the best options for your Wooden French Door style and design, offer you a factory painted finish as standard and the option of installation carried out by our professional team of dedicated Marvin installers.

Choose from inswing or outswing Wooden French doors, with traditional shadow lines of a raised panel or the crisp, clean look of a flat panel. To provide maximum security, both active and inactive panels are fitted with multi-point locking systems.

Our wooden french doors are designed for your specific circumstances. We will find the right door for your needs.


French Doors With Endless Design Possibilities

Marvin offers all our customers custom drawings of their new window and door units in order for them to truly visualize their design in their home. This ensures that every possible detail of the french door has been evaluated and the customer is fully satisfied with their design. Marvin’s design specialists work with each and every customer to find the perfect product that will satisfy both style and performance.

Wooden French Door Designs
Bespoke designs built around your vision. What will your Marvin vision be?

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