Bay Windows

Bay Windows

A bay window combines three or more windows together so that they angle out beyond the house wall. It usually consists of a picture window surrounded by smaller windows at specific angles. They can be casement, sliding sash or picture units depending on the need.

Bay window

Characteristics of bow windows

A bow window defines a curved bay window. By applying more windows, bay and bow windows favour more light to enter the room and also provides an extra space with a wider view of the garden and the street outside. Generally, bow windows integrate four or more casement windows which together form an arch.

  • The most common angles are 90, 135 and 150 degrees
  • Triangular bays including two windows set at 120 degrees may be achieved
  • All are polygon or square windows.

Bow windows first appeared in the 18 century in the U.K. and became a hugely popular feature of Victorian residential architecture and hold a continuous appeal to this day and are incorporated into the design of new buildings. They are commonly found in terraced houses, semis and detached houses as well as in blocks of flats. They are a defining characteristic of the architecture of a building.

Choosing and installing your bay windows

A word of advice! The new materials on the market today with thick frames and unevenness of open and closed units can destroy the symmetry of a bow or bay so take advice from you window experts to achieve the correct authentic look. There are significant benefits attached to use of bay window constructions including giving the room a generous feeling of space, increasing the flow of natural light which is so important in tightly packed residential urban areas.

Always allow for room to hang curtains between the top of the window frames and the roof line as this is often overlooked when installing windows. It is the bane of curtain makers lives when hanging curtains. For more advice on the latter talk to your interior designer to avoid mistakes. The framing of a bay window internally and inserting a window seat can be a most attractive and romantic addition to any room.

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