Wood Windows For Historic Homes

22 June 2018

Why Choose Wood Windows For Historic Homes In The UK?

Historic homes feature many benefits for homeowners. They represent beautiful reminders of the past and the architectural integrity of the surrounding area. Maintaining the original style of a historic home is often bound by local conservation laws and requirements. This means that when it comes to wood windows for historic homes, you are fairly restricted on what you can do appearance wise when replacing your old windows.

But the good news is that replacing your old wood windows can come with many added benefits for your home, such as:

  • Increased kerb appeal when replacing old worn-out windows
  • Increased home value with quality window joinery
  • Enhanced energy-efficiency which could see a reduction in energy consumption and heating bills
  • Better air and water tightness that will reduce unwanted draughts and improve overall home comfort

Marvin Architectural is able to supply and install bespoke like-for-like replacement wood windows for historic homes in single, double or triple glazing.

Historic Wood Sliding Sash Windows London
Marvin’s Historic Wood Sliding Sash Windows In London

What Are The Historic Requirements For Wood Windows In The UK?

Any work being done to historic buildings in conservation areas will require Listed Building Consent from your Local Authority planning department.

Most historically listed areas restrict your window design options. You will need to consult with your local conservation officer before any work is carried on the facade of your home. Carrying out unauthorised works to a historically listed building is a criminal offence and you can be prosecuted, including the revert of all work carried out at the owner’s expense.

Typical Historical Requirements Include:

  • Original Design Must Be Maintained: Unless you get approval from your local conservation officer, you must maintain the original operational and aesthetical design of your old windows. This includes glazing bar designs, checkrail size and colour.
  • Period Sightlines: Authentic period sightlines and slim glazing bar details are usually required by conservation requirements.
  • Material Options: This often means that you can’t opt for more modern window solutions such as aluminium clad wood composite or uPVC windows as these materials would negatively affect the architectural integrity of the historic building. If you’re located near the sea, you may be applicable to the use of aluminium clad wood windows.
  • Double-Glazing: Conservation officers would need to assess your windows and determine if they’re suitable to upgrade to double glazing. When possible, it is highly recommended to upgrade to double glazing with a Low-E coating and Argon Gas between the two panes for optimal energy-efficiency.

Full guidance is available on the Government’s planning portal website. 

Wood Windows For Historic Homes With Slim Profiles And Narrow Sightlines
Marvin’s Bespoke Wood Sliding Sash Windows Feature Slim Profiles & Narrow Sightlines For Historic Accuracy

Marvin’s Bespoke Replacement Wood Windows For Historic Buildings

Marvin Architectural is able to offer historically accurate replacement wood windows that feature leading modern performance. We can supply bespoke sizes and designs, including 4 traditional profile options and custom sash horns.

Our high-performance glazing features Low-E coatings and Argon gas as standard. Our durable engineered wood features three layers of laminated pieces to prevent warping and increase the lifespan of your products.

Download our brochure today to explore our Traditional Wood window & door range that can meet most conservation requirements.

You can also get in touch with Marvin’s in-house conservation specialists who will guide you through your new replacement wood windows for historic buildings by phoning 0208 569 8222 or emailing sales@marvinuk.com.