Your Windows & Doors Buyers Guide

Essential Guidelines When Choosing the Right Windows and Doors For Your Home

Your Windows and Doors Buying Guide

12 December 2016

Windows and Doors Buying Guide offered by Marvin Architectural

This informative ‘Windows and Doors Buyer’s Guide’ produced by Marvin Architectural offers you guidelines when choosing windows and doors for your home. From concept to completion the Marvin Windows and Doors Buying Guide will help you to understand the true impact of every detail of good window design and assist you in stamping your home with authenticity, personality and timeless appeal.

Modern Kitchen

Within the ‘Windows and Doors Buyer’s Guide’ you will find:

  • Tips on choosing an Architect
  • Key designs aspects of windows and doors
  • Window size, shape and arrangement of openings
  • How to create large openings
  • Window proportion division and materials
  • How to create authentic and elegant profiles
  • Window profiles and aesthetics
  • How to frame a view, the importance of window sightlines
  • Benefits of composite windows and choice of materials
  • Window performance including sound deadening and energy efficiency
  • Easy-clean windows
  • Working in conservation areas
  • Points to consider when choosing a window company

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Windows and Doors Buyer's Guide


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