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Window & Door CPD By Marvin | RIBA Approved

28 February 2018

Marvin Architectural Window & Door CPD Seminars

Marvin Architectural offers three different window & door CPD topics to help you better understand the importance of managing sound transmission, understanding composite materials and how CE Certification works when specifying windows & doors.

For full details of the RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Marvin please get in contact with either RIBA or get in touch with us directly here.

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Online CPD Webinars Now Available

Marvin Architectural now offers online 1 to 1 or group CPD webinars. You’ll still get the same CPD window & door material but in the comfort of your office. Doing CPD seminars has never been easier

Window & Door CPD Marvin Architectural

Available Window & Door CPD Material

1. Managing Sound Transmission

This window & door CPD looks at the importance of sound resistant windows. It will help you to understand and explain the following topics:

  1. Understand the need and desire for sound resistant products in homes and businesses
  2. Understand concepts of sound and testing protocols created to measure sound transmission including Transmission Loss (TL), Sound Transmission Class (STC), Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) and Noise Criteria (NC) level
  3. Explain how different building materials affect sound transmission
  4. Understand the rating of windows and key aspects to creating better sound resistance using the correct window to fit the needs of your customer
  5. Understand specifications you can make to improve STC ratings and the importance of correct

Material type: Seminar
RIBA Core Curriculum: Design, construction and technology
Knowledge level: General Awareness


2. CE Certification & How It Supersedes Existing Testing Procedures When Specifying Windows & Doors

This window & door CPD aims to cover the:

  1. Importance of specifying CE certified products
  2. Three compulsory tests for CE certification of window and door elements
  3. Benefits of the CE mark in offering a level playing field and breaking down trade barriers
  4. Whole supply chain being responsible for compliance

Material type: Seminar
RIBA Core Curriculum: Design, construction and technology, legal, regulatory and statutory compliance
Knowledge level: General Awareness


3. Composite Materials & Pultruded Fibreglass/GRP in the Window & Door Industry

This window & door cpd aims to:

  1. Give architects an understanding of how composite materials can be designed to produce specific attributes directly suitable to their applications
  2. Give a better understanding of the benefits of using these materials.
  3. Help architects to specify composite materials/products (e.g. fibreglass) with confidence for future projects.

Material type: Seminar
RIBA Core Curriculum: Design, construction and technology
Knowledge level: General Awareness

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