Why Timber Windows?

Timber Continues To Be A Popular Window Material Amongst Homeowners In The UK

Why Timber Windows?

27 February 2020

Why Timber Windows?

Windows are the eyes of a building – they let in light and give views out – and profoundly affect its appearance. There’s a reason why timber windows continue to be popular amongst homeowners in the UK today. Timber windows are renowned for their stunning aesthetics, natural appearance and functional role in historic homes.

The Key Benefits Of Timber Windows:

  • The ultimate benefit of timber is the authentic historic aesthetics and charm that is found in these windows.
  • There is less maintenance in premium timber windows thanks to engineered wood and high-quality paint solutions such as Teknos.
  • The craftsmanship in timber windows offers luxury designs including slim profiles, glazing bars and premium profile detailing.
  • Energy performance has come a long way thanks to innovation in manufacturing including double glazing and weatherstripping.
  • Being a natural material there is less damage done to the eco-system compared with uPVC alternatives.
Double Glazed Timber Sash Windows London
Traditional Sash Windows In Reading

The popularity of uPVC over the past 40 years offered a cheap alternative for homeowners seeking replacement window solutions for their homes. However, uPVC could never match the traditional proportions and slim profile of authentic traditional timber windows. With the appreciation of conversation and craftmanship in period homes, timber windows are the only true replacement solution for these listed buildings.

As people are becoming more aware of their environment many are looking for natural products when choosing windows and doors for their homes. uPVC windows are very toxic to the environment due to the amount of harmful chemicals used during production. The average lifespan of uPVC windows is around 20-30 years before replacement is needed. Restoring uPVC windows to their original condition is next to impossible due to the nature of the material.

Flush Casement Timber Windows London
Flush Casement Timber Windows – London

Timber is a natural sustainable material that does far less damage to the environment when compared with uPVC. The engineered pinewood used to manufacture Marvin Architectural timber products consists of a minimum 60% heartwood from sustainable forests in North Scandinavia where the trees grow slowly and naturally and no fertilisers are used. Premium timber windows have a life expectancy between 60-70 years when maintained properly.

Profiling found in timber windows offer a unique luxury detail that uPVC or aluminium alternatives simply can’t match. Here at Marvin Architectural, you can choose from 4 traditional profile options which include Ovolo, Lamb’s Tongue, Concave and Putty Line designs. Marvin timber windows also feature premium details such as flat finishes joints as to avoid unsightly deep v-cuts

Improvement In Timber Window Technology

Timber windows have come a long way in terms of manufacturing and sustainability from what they were 40 years ago. Engineered pine offers a more robust timber solution for window frames. Three timber layers are used as this technology prevents the window frame from warping and significantly increases the lifetime of the windows. The outer layers are radial or half- radial cut and this method protects window surfaces from wood splitting.

Timber Window Profile
Embellish Your Interior Decor With Luxury Detailing

Marvin Architectural timber windows harness the latest technology available which includes Teknos paint. This premium paint coat is factory applied in layers and is an elastic paint that moves with the natural movement of the timber, preventing cracks in the paint. This paint penetrates deeply into pores of the wood to form a protective, flexible shield combined with a smooth coating finish that is dirt resistant, protecting the timber against mould and rot.

Double glazing has come a long way with the innovation in Argon gas and Low E coatings. Argon gas is a clear non-toxic gas that can offer up to 50% great insulation. Low E coating prevents sun rays from overheating your room in the summer and protects your furniture from discolouring.

Triple Glazed Timber Casement Windows UK
Bespoke Glazing Bar Pattern & Slim Profile

Learn more about Marvin Architectural Timber Windows here or download the traditional brochure below.

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