What Are Alu Clad Windows?

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What Are Alu Clad Windows?

28 August 2018

Alu Clad Windows. What Are They And Should You Use Them?

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A common question we get at Marvin is “what are alu clad windows?”. These popular window types are an alternative solution for people who want the benefits of timber windows without the hassle of maintenance. They also have a  slimmer and cleaner looking profile than uPVC and can actually replicate traditional or contemporary designs.

The Anatomy of Alu Clad Windows

Alu Clad (aka Alu Clad Wood or Aluminium Clad Wood) windows consist of an aluminium cladding exterior and a wooden interior. The aluminium exterior provides additional protection to minimise maintenance such as painting or varnishing every 5-10 years with timber windows.


  • An Aluminium Cladding Makes Up The Exterior For Enhanced Durability
  • The Interior Consists Of Timber For Both Added Aesthetics And Performance
  • Your Windows & Doors Are Protected From The Harsh Elements While Your Interior Maintains A Beautiful Design

However, not all aluminium claddings are created equal. Marvin alu clad windows feature extruded aluminium that is integrated into the wood rather than applied to just the exterior, like most European styled alu clad windows.

The exterior aluminium slides into the interior wood which allows both the aluminium and wood to expand and contract naturally. Not only does this prolong the lifespan of the product, but also allows you to reach even slimmer profiles compared to European AluClad window alternatives.

Traditional & Contemporary Aluclad Wood Window Solutions

Marvin offers both traditional and contemporary aluclad wood window & door style to match your design tastes.

AAMA 2605: The Highest Industry Standard For Paint Finish

A word of warning, not all AAMA 2605 finishes are created equal. The industry standard now allows the 2605 rating for roll-form (coil) aluminium. But there’s a difference. Marvin’s substantially stronger, impact resistant extruded aluminium material — standard on all our cladding components — is about the thickness of a pound coin. Roll-form aluminium, used by some window manufacturers for components, is almost as thin as a soda can.

The Benefits of Marvin Extruded Alu Clad Windows


The Marvin Difference

  • Long-lasting colour and performance
  • Can create custom profiles, providing flexibility in matching details without compromising on performance
  • Excellent energy-efficiency with low U-Values even in double glazing form or passive performance with triple glazing
  • Can create historic or modern profiles, providing flexibility in matching details without compromising on performance
  • Marvin’s aluminium cladding goes through a five-stop treatment process, which allows for excellent adhesion
  • Marvin’s durable paint finish is available in 19 rich and durable standards with custom colours also available to match your vision
  • Marvin offers an extensive 10-year warranty on your alu clad windows against the loss of adhesion, chalking or fading


Marvin products are engineered to open, close, support, swing or slide reliably day after day. Explore our various operation styles of alu clad windows including the classic sliding sash window, casement window, tilt & turn and much more.