Are Triple Glazing Windows Worth It?

Are Triple Glazing Windows Worth It?

05 February 2020

What Are Triple Glazing Windows?

Triple-glazed windows consist of three panes of glass within a sealed frame instead of one or two panes. Between each pane, there is an air pocket or inert gas (argon gas) which is denser than air and works as an insulator for both heat and noise. So, are triple glazing windows worth it?

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Are Triple Glazing Windows Worth It?

With the advancement in double glazing technology and incredible improvement over single glazing, does adding an extra layer of glass make it so much better? To put it simply, yes it does. Adding an extra pane of glass separated by argon gas means that there is now an extra layer of glass to protect your home which will make it harder for heat to escape allowing you to maintain the temperature in your home.

Should You Opt For Triple Or Double Glazing?

The never-ending debate between triple or double glazing? There are a few main factors to consider when deciding:

  • Price: Triple glazing typically costs around 10-20% more than double glazing
  • Performance: If you are looking to reach the best energy performance rating possible (Passivhaus standard is around 0.8w/m2k u-value) then triple glazing is your best option. However, quality double glazing can reach u-values as low as 1.1 w/m2k which is more than adequate for the UK climate.
  • Aesthetics: Triple glazing typically has a deeper frame to accommodate for the extra glass pane.
  • Installation Quality: A window’s performance is only as good as the installation quality. Make sure you select a reputable company that has experienced installers who are familiar with their products.

If you have a limited budget for your windows but wish to consider triple glazing then a sensible approach may indeed be to use triple glazing for the northern elevations to maximise solar gain. A combination of double glazing could be used throughout the rest of the home.

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