Are Triple Glazed Windows Soundproof?

In Some Cases, They Can Actually Be Worse Than A Double Glazed Equivalent.

Are Triple Glazed Windows Soundproof?

18 June 2018

How Do You Make Triple Glazed Windows Soundproof?

Are your new triple glazed windows soundproof? Windows are a good starting point to getting rid of unwanted excess noise from outside your home, especially if you’re upgrading single pane windows to either double or triple glazing.

No matter where you live or work, unwanted noise can find its way into your environment. The honk of a horn can break your concentration. The complaint of a cardinal can disturb your sleep. What if your windows could reduce unwanted sounds from seeping in?

Contrary to popular belief, upgrading to double or triple glazing alone won’t completely block outside noise coming into your home. You would assume that adding an extra glazing pane to a window would reduce the sound waves trying to enter your home, but that simply isn’t the case.

triple glazed windows soundproof design

Managing Window Sound Transmission

To understand if your triple glazing windows are soundproof you need to look at the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating which is measured in decibels (db). A windows STC rating indicates how much sound waves are reduced. A high STC rating indicates to a high reduction in sound transmission. Each point can make a significant difference.

A good rule of thumb is a change of 10+ db will cut the sound in half.

How Do You Achieve A High STC Rating With Windows?

The way a window and door is designed can contribute to controlling sound transmission on any project. This is vital for making both double and triple glazed windows soundproof.

Triple Glazing Soundproof Diagram

  • (A) Spacing Between The Glazing: The space found between the glass is the most crucial factor in improving a window’s STC rating. Having non-toxic argon gas between this gap helps reduce noise and also improves energy-efficiency as it reduces the conduction of heat. Warm-edge spacer bars also aid in improving the STC rating and energy efficiency.
  • (B) Varying Glazing Thickness: Increasing the thickness of the glass has a great impact on the sound stoppage ability of your windows. Having different glass thickness will mean that the sound frequencies won’t vibrate at the same rates when hitting the glass and thus dampen the sound from the outside. Essentially, the sound wave frequencies will reflect due to the various glass thickness.
  • (C) Laminated Glass: Laminated glass is often used for the purpose of soundproofing as it adds an extra sound-absorbing layer to your windows.
  • Weatherstripping: High-quality tight weather sealed stripping around the sash and frame not only improves energy-efficiency and airtightness, it can also increase the STC rating.
  • Installation: Your window’s performance ratings are only as good as the installation. Always make sure that your windows are installed by accredited professionals.

What’s The Best STC Rating To Make Your Triple Glazed Windows Soundproof?

So what STC rating will make your triple glazed windows soundproof? Depending on your requirements and location, a good sound transmission class for windows would be 35+. You can see the different STC ratings are depending on the varying glazing thickness and design. While windows will never 100% eliminate noise, they can significantly reduce it.

triple glazed windows soundproof STC table

As you can see, as we start to increase the thickness of the glass and add air space between multiple panes, the STC increases correspondingly. At the furthest extremes, when you compare 3mm single pane glass windows to 6mm laminated insulated glass windows with 12mm airspace in between, your STC increases from 27 to 35.

Determining the acoustical performance of glass or a window requires careful consideration of the application in which the glass will be used. Some window manufacturers will sacrifice the aesthetical design of the windows & doors by using thicker frames to achieve the desired STC rating.

Marvin’s Soundproof Windows

Marvin Windows and Doors have always been effective in stopping noise from seeping in from the outside world. The same solid, quality craftsmanship that makes Marvin products a preferred choice for energy efficiency and durability also contributes to their excellent sound control performance.

We use combinations of annealed and laminated glass, wood and wood/clad, durable hinges and locks, high-quality sealants, and more. Explore our range of aesthetically stunning windows which can be designed to be soundproof without sacrificing on the overall slim appearance.

Marvin Architectural can offer aluminium clad wood windows which can reach an STC Rating of 45 db+ while maintaining a slim window design. Get in touch with us about your next window & door project.