What Are Spring Sash Windows?

Learn what spring sash windows are and how they work in this short blog

What Are Spring Sash Windows?

18 August 2020

What Are Spring Sash Windows?

A sash window or a double-hung window consists of one or more movable and glazed panels or ‘sashes’ that are enclosed within a window frame. Sash windows typically consisted of weights and chords since Georgian times but have since innovated with new modern technology.

Spring sash windows compose of a spiral-spring balance system instead of traditional weight and chord system. This is a concealed balance system and offers a more contemporary appearance and works exactly the same as a conventional weighted sash system. The springs close the sashes tightly when in a locked position and offer a smooth operating experience. These springs can be easily adjusted and repaired if required.

White Georgian Sliding Sash Windows

How Do Spring Sash Windows Work?

There is a tube that sits inside the window frame containing a spiral shaped rod. This rod connects to a spiral-spring that is adjusted according to the weight of the sash and balances the sash. The sash will slide up and down with ease and stay open at any point, in the same way as traditional cords and weights sash window.

Timber Window Profile
The spiral-spring loaded balance system is concealed in a plastic tube.

Should I Use Weighted or Spring Sash Windows?

Both systems are excellent. Your decision will come down to aesthetic preferences, budget and window opening requirements.

Some sliding sash windows simply do not have enough space in the reveal to accommodate the weights to balance the sashes. This is where you can implement spring-loaded balance systems for your sash windows.

Georgian Sliding Sash Windows London

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