Replacement Windows Customised For You!

Why do homeowners choose Marvin’s Residential Replacement Windows?

First impressions count and especially when it comes to houses. In fact 80% of your final opinion is formed on first impression. And of course the style and look of your home is greatly determined by the windows you have. The reasons why customers choose Residential Replacement Windows are firstly because they are not happy with what is there already. Overall they want to improve the look and value of their home but also on a more practical level to cut fuel bills by up to 38%, noise pollution by 50%+ and to enjoy a wood window which is maintenance free.

The difference is in the detail and when it comes to choosing replacement windows Marvin customers get to design their windows and doors to frame a particular view, to pick a glazing design, choose a colour, wood type and maintenance free clad options. The Marvin team of technicians and designers assist all the way in this process to ensure that the best window solution is arrived at for you. The Marvin range of replacement windows from, sliding sash windows and casement windows to special shapes windows all have a number of features in common: finely crafted wood, authenticity, superior performance ratings and carry the prestigious CE mark which is compulsory certification for all windows and doors sold in the UK and Ireland since 1st July 2013.

Each Marvin home is unique and when is comes to replacement windows all the extras are included from removal of existing windows to installation and making good. Sometimes this includes repair and replication of shutters and architraving and matching of sash horns. The Marvin team of engineers and installers have 18 yrs. experience in this business and will use all their expertise to ensure you the customer will be happy with the outcome and get to enjoy and relax in your newly enhanced and comfortable home with architectural designer detail.