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Everything you need to know to simplify the process of choosing your replacement windows

Replacement Windows with Marvin

19 June 2017

Replacement Window: We Are Here To Help

We understand how overwhelming finding the perfect replacement window can be, so our team of experts are here to help simplify the process and clarify some of the most crucial considerations when carrying out your renovations. First, here are some of the main reasons homeowners decide to replace their windows.

Sash Window Narrow AluClad


With time, the sash or frame of your window can become damaged, warp or break. Even if the windows still work, they can bring problems. Old windows can lose insulation and develop fogging and icing, or become drafty. They also might start working badly, like sticking when opening or closing, or they won’t stay open. Deciding to replace your windows with Marvin means choosing a superior product so that you won’t face low quality windows again.

Improving energy efficiency

Did you know that a high-quality replacement window can reduce utility bills by improving energy efficiency? Marvin Architectural offers a wide range of energy-efficient options, tailored to your building’s particular needs.

Adding beauty

Maybe your current windows don’t look nice – the colour is fading, the window material is warping, or the general conditions of your units are detracting from the kerb appeal of your home. Marvin takes special pride in the beauty and the details of all our products. We also specialise in the unique sizes and profile details to match existing windows or styles, including necessary historical characteristics.

Improving the interior

As part of a renovation, changing the window opening can create a more comfortable home, create airflow or add natural light to the rooms.

Discover Marvin Replacement Windows

Our experts are here to help you explore your options of windows styles, materials and other details to consider and find the right solutions for your individual project. Here are some questions you might face when choosing replacement window options:

Q: What are the low-maintenance window options available?

A: If your key objective when renovating is finding a low-maintenance replacement, then you might consider our aluminium clad wood or fibreglass clad wood solutions. Marvin Ultrex fibreglass has a patented finish that is three times thicker than the competitors; which ensures a virtually maintenance-free window that resists cracking, denting, chipping and peeling. Our extruded aluminium cladding is warrantied against chalking, fading, and peeling.

Q: Can I easily match the colour or wood of my home?

A: Marvin has an abundance of options of wood species or colours. You can choose from 6 species of wood interiors and 19 standard exterior cladding colours, or we can custom match any colour you want to work with your home’s colour palette.

Q: Will my new windows resist to severe weather?

A: If you worry about the effects of sea salt, humidity, or coastal winds, consider Marvin fibreglass windows. They resist corrosion and remain stable in extreme temperatures, with a material that expands at the same rate as glass. This means Marvin’s fibreglass windows keep a great seal and insulate your home better.

Q: What options are available for my unique or historic home?

A: Marvin specialises in creating customised windows to match one-of-a-kind spaces as well as producing exact replicas, including historical homes. We offer traditional wood construction as well as single-glaze divided lite options to create authentic historical designs.

What’s next?

We’ve outlined some options of how you can move forward with your project.

Tilt Wood Sliding Sash Window

  • Visit our showroom: We suggest you begin visiting our showroom, there we can help you narrow down which products are best for your project. Through seeing and operating our products and talking with our experts, you’ll have a better idea of your window replacement options.
  • Visit our website’s gallery and case studies: Get inspired by our completed projects and gather ideas from our images.
  • Get a quote: Once your architect or contractor takes the measurements of your project, we can provide a replacement windows quote based on window type, material and number of units needed. The contractor will support you in ordering and installing your new windows.