Popular Window Opening Types

Explore The Endless Types Of Windows With Marvin Architectural

Popular Window Opening Types

20 June 2019

It can often become overwhelming with the endless choices of window opening types and materials. There are a few important factors that need to be considered in the window purchasing process such as design, material and budget. How your window opens is a very important element that you.

Start with what you have already. Do you like how it works in your space, or are you ready to try something different? Take a look at the various window opening types offered by Marvin

Window Opening Types

Sliding Sash Windows

Historic Sash Windows UK

Sliding sash windows (or double hung windows)  is one of the most common types of windows present on historic buildings in the UK. The window sashes move vertically up and down.

Marvin offers an exclusive aluminium clad wood sliding sash window that offers an authentic traditional design with the commodities of a low maintenance exterior. Learn more.

Casement Windows

AluClad Wood Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open inwards or outwards depending on your personal preference. These windows can be opened with either a standard push-out handle or a unique crank and turn handle.

Top-Hung Windows

Aluminium Top Hung Window

Top-hung windows are hinged at the top and open outwards. These windows are excellent for discrete ventilation points in your home, such as a bathroom.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Window Opening Types

Tilt & Turn windows are hinged at the side and open in-wards. These Europen styled windows can be also tilted inwards to allow for ventilation.

Fixed & Special Shaped Windows

Large Aluminium Fixed Windows

An ideal way to connect the outside with the inside. Clear large glazed sections make the room feel larger and provide maximum natural light.

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The two main ranges of window styles available are Traditional and Contemporary.

The traditional range consists of engineered timber windows whereas the contemporary range consists of Aluminium clad windows, also known as Alu-Clad.

Here at Marvin, we supply the traditional and contemporary range consisting of wood and Alu-clad windows.

In addition to this, we also supply windows in fibreglass and aluminium.

Why not take a look at our extensive range of finely crafted windows that we offer below or contact us directly for more information.

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