How to Understand Condensation and Windows

Ultimate Fibreglass Special Shape Window

12 May 2017

When temperatures drop during the winter, it is not uncommon for condensation to occur on glass windows and doors. This is not caused by a defect in your window or door; it is simply a sign of high humidity in your home. Find out everything you need to know about condensation and windows here!

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Marvin Windows Sustainability Credentials

29 April 2015

The environmental goals of the Marvin Windows and Doors organisation are to meet or exceed applicable environmental laws and regulations and to protect our environment. This commitment is fulfilled by incorporating environmental priorities into the design of products, services and facilities, and by minimising the environmental impact during the production of products and manufacturing operations. Learn more!

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Replacing Sash Windows In Period Homes

Weighted Sash Windows

27 March 2015

Traditional sash windows are the main character features of period homes. With designs that have endured the various fashions in window fenestration, the sash window appeals to the conservation homeowner eager to invest in the period character of their home.

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Marvin Architectural Design Open Day • May 2017

09 May 2017

Marvin Architectural would like to invite homeowners who are considering a new build, extension or replacement to the Marvin Architectural Design Open Day taking place on Saturday 20th May 2017 in the local Marvin Architectural Showrooms: Canal House, Catherine Wheel Road, Brentford, TW8 8BD

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Valentine's Window Dressing Masterclass in Brentford this Thursday 29th January

Valentine's Window

28 January 2015

You can watch for free as the windows of Brentford business Marvin Architectural get a floral makeover from staff at Vogue Flowers.

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Gorgeous Interiors

31 October 2014

Interior Considerations: There's more to consider than you might think when selecting even the most basic window or door. Many of the interior choices you make will ultimately help define the finished look of each room. Take into account the style of your home as well as other colours present in the room, then sit back and let your imagination go.

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Combining Marvin Windows And Doors

Custom Design Special Shaped Windows

26 May 2014

Windows and doors can open up a room dramatically, simply by pulling in needed light or adding a sense of breathing space. By properly combining and positioning various window products, you can create an impression of additional height or space without actually adding square footage.

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