Window Installation Day: What To Expect From Marvin

Everything you need to know about the Marvin Architectural installation day.

Window Installation: What To Expect From Marvin

09 February 2018

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This is it! Finally, after picturing it so many times in your head, after watching the plans over and over thinking about ways to bring your ideal home to life, here we are on window installation day.

In Marvin Architectural we are deeply committed to bringing you not only the best windows on the market but also a service that meets the high-end quality and design of our products. That’s why we want to share the following steps for you to be aware of how we do this.

We will be on time

The first thing you will expect from us is, of course, punctuality. We understand the value of your time and promise to respect it.

Respecting your home


Your home is your place in the world, and in order to respect your space, we cover your valuables and furniture, protecting your house from any possible damage.


marvin architectural installation london uk

Removing and recycling your old windows

As part of Marvin Architectural’s commitment to the environment, we will remove and recycle your old windows as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the industry and the customer.

The moment has arrived: Getting those windows installed

Once everything is set, it’s time to install your new windows. After more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the window market, our professional installation team will ensure that this experience will exceed your expectations. This is the day that you stamp your personality on your home.

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Window Installation is completed. What now?

After installing, there’s an important step in the process and that’s cleaning everything. The company policy is to leave your site spotless. As the final step, our installation manager will do a full inspection of each unit, ensuring that installation procedure has been followed and performance ratings are accurate and all the technicals aspects of the product have been tested.

Your satisfaction is our main concern, and here at Marvin Architectural, we take customer satisfaction very seriously, helping us improve in every way possible the customized service we deliver. Your salesperson will invite you to give us a review of your overall experience with every aspect of the service you have received.

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 Compare and see for yourself

Here’s a checklist including every step involved in the window installation process. Does your window company provide all these services?


marvin architectural installation london uk checklist services


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