The Joy Of Sliding Sash Windows

A Timeless Classic That Embellishes Luxury

The Joy Of Sliding Sash Windows

04 October 2018

The Elegant Appeal Of Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows have been long associated with romance. The sliding window style has an appeal that has been popular for more than two centuries yet the style, the up and down opening mechanisms have remained virtually unchanged.  What has made this sliding window sometimes referred to as sliding sash, up and down, Georgian, Victorian so successful?

The image conjured up by sliding sash windows is one of “ the big house” which is elegant and grand, offering views over a bucolic landscape. Vast expansive vistas can be captured by the sliding window whilst you are tucked up in the bay window with a good thriller hugging a mug of coffee.

Why Marvin Continues To Be Superior

This window has been adapted over the centuries to allow for friction-less and smooth up and down mechanisms that glide up and down with finger-tip ease. The main problem with old sliding sash has always been the draught through the frame and the masonry which is totally eliminated with the Marvin integrated sealing system. In the Financial Times issue of Saturday 22nd of October Edwin Heathcote discusses the role of buildings not only to work architecturally but also to create a feeling of  “wellbeing.” What better way to reap the benefits of the outside than by sliding your window open and allow the outside in!

Learn more about Marvin”s bespoke sliding sash windows below

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