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Home Renovation With Marvin

22 May 2017

The Idea

Perhaps you’re bringing an older home back to life, building an extension or simply need to replace a few windows and doors. Although some companies only offer a limited number of products for such projects, with Marvin Architectural you’ll have the entire line of Marvin window and doors at your disposal. So you’ll have no trouble finding one or more Marvin solutions perfect for your needs. So you’ll have no trouble finding one or more Marvin solutions perfect for your home renovation needs. Marvin windows and doors are built to last, and function as beautifully as the day they were installed, long into te future. The same effort and attention to detail that we put into crafting our exceptional products, we put into providing the highest quality customer service.

Windows and Doors Home Renovate

Home Renovation – Marvin

Why not try the Marvin Sliding Sash Window to give your home a beautiful new lease of life. This window combines classic design with ease-of-use and is available in solid wood, aluminium clad wood and fibreglass clad wood. The traditional configuration of two equally sized sections or sash (uppers and lowers) both function inside the window’s frame. The lower sash features a one-hand release for easy cleaning and removal from inside your home. The upper sash can also be easily cleaned and removed from inside using tilt latches.  Click here to find our more about the Wooden Sliding Sash Window, the Aluminium Clad Wood Sliding Sash Window and the Fibreglass Clad Sliding Sash Window.

Windows Renovation

Marvin Architectural has also been noted for its historical restoration and reproduction skills. We’ve meticulously recreated historic profiles, styles, and effects, matching the look and feel of some of the most intricate and archaic windows and doors. So adding something new that doesn’t look so “new” is definitely an option. Have a look at our gallery to see a vast range of our bespoke products to get inspired for your next home renovation project.

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