Energy Efficient Historic Windows

Marvin Promises To Provide Accurate Historical Designs With Contemporary Performance

Historic Windows Built With performance

You can preserve every detail of history existing within your building and save on heating bills with energy-efficient historic windows. An accurate replication and replacement of historic windows can upgrade their performance without compromising their character.

Since windows represent 10-20% of energy loss in a house, make sure your historic house doesn’t lose energy through other surfaces, such as floors, ceilings and walls.

Marvin Windows Help Match Historical Details with Modern Windows

Reproducing historic wood windows requires dealing with great design details that are not found in today’s windows. Hence, it is not so simple to find good matches for historic buildings.

Marvin can take shop drawings and recreate profiles through a rapid prototype machine that generates a corner sample of the exterior design replication. It enables our professionals to bring the sample to the job site or architect’s office, and even position it in the opening to see how it looks and works in the rough opening.

Explore Marvin Historic Wood Windows

At Marvin Architectural we believe that wood is still the most suitable and sympathetic material to create historically accurate windows for UK homes.



Historic Windows: Repair or Replace

Download your guide on historical windows to learn how to assess the existing windows conditions and needs, the options for repair or replacement, the challenges and considerations involved and the technical capabilities of the industry.


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