Georgian Window Replacement Guide

What factors need to be taken into consideration?

Georgian Window Replacement

02 June 2017

A Common Georgian Window Replacement Question

Q. The original timber windows in my Georgian home are beyond repair, and I would like to invest in some traditional alternatives with better insulating qualities. What should I look out for to recognise a good product?

A. When it comes to Georgian Window Replacement, the first port of call is is important to achieve the best results in terms of matching materials and original profiles. The problems arise if unsuitable materials, poorly skilled fitters or inadequate budget is set aside for the work to be done. The company you employ to carry out the work should also want the best result and discuss in detail what your requirements are.

Georgian Replacement Windows


In the case of Georgian Window Replacement, it is best to first ascertain if the existing windows are repairable. Original Georgian windows if maintained can still be in good condition 100 years later. A professional site survey will establish what parts of the window are still viable and what parts need replacement. Again, it is a false economy if rotten wood is painted over or strips of insulation are adhered to loose sashes as it will be expensive anyway and only provide a temporary solution. Your budget should be realistic and include for repair to plaster work, wallpaper etc.

Marvin Architectural has been carrying out refurbishment of windows and doors in period homes in the U.K. for the past fifteen years. We specialise in replacement of period sliding sash windows. This usually involves very sensitive and skilled work and a valuable knowledge base that has been built up over the years by the skilled refurbishment team.

Georgian Sliding Sash Windows

Marvin Architectural supply and install full traditional sliding sash windows including options of authentic detail such as sash horns, architraving and shutter boxing if required.

Glazing Options

Another important factor when replacing your windows is choosing the right glass. Not only will this provide you with years of comfort, you will also benefit from significant savings on your energy bills.

Because Marvin understands that the running cost of a home isn’t just the mortgage, we offer a Low E II soft coat glazing option to help you reduce other important issues such as the heating and cooling costs. With Low E II patented coatings and superior energy ratings, Marvin offers the clearest and highest performing glass available today.  And not only will your home be energy efficient all year round but you will also benefit from 73% less ultraviolet penetration as Low E II blocks most of the sun’s ultraviolet damaging rays so your curtains, coverings, carpets and furniture will stay beautiful for years to come.

Marvin Architectural has a Replacement Division dedicated to refurbishment projects.To speak to one of our replacement windows specialists click on the link below!

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