See Yourself Clearly In Your Windows.

28 January 2015


Imagine yourself standing outside looking at your dream home. It’s beautiful, unique and an expression of your personal style. If you’re imagining the perfect windows and doors to make your newbuild vision come to life, Marvin Architectural will design and build them to your specifications so your new home speaks volumes about you.

And if you’re replacing windows, together, we can design a perfect match for existing windows and architecture. Whatever your vision, Marvin Architectural is your partner to make it a reality.

Start with one of our thousands of standard windows and doors and add levels of beauty with glazing bars, colours, wood species and an expansive clad profile offering. Or start with an idea and we’ll create the window or door that perfectly complements you.

Performance and Durability

Every Marvin Window is made with furniture-grade craftsmanship – high quality materials and a superior attention to detail. Take our windows with extruded aluminium exterior cladding, its substantially stronger than roll-form aluminium, and our finishes are of commercial grade specification, so scraping and painting are a thing of the past. The interior of all our products is made of high quality wood, which greatly increases thermal efficiency. Multi-point and sequential locking systems ensure our products are easy to operate and secured tightly from the elements. And Low E II glass maximises energy savings while filtering out harmful UV rays.  It all adds up to unrivalled performance and durability that works beautifully to protect your home, your family and you.

Innovation and Beauty

The finest in any class takes the lead when beauty melds with innovation. This definitely holds true with Marvin Windows and Doors. We are continually looking for ways to advance designs to better suit the way people live. All Marvin Windows and Doors offer creative flexibility with virtually limitless possibilities of colours, styles, glazing bars and designs. So when we design a Marvin product for you, you’ll get the most innovative and beautiful window or door possible.

Framing your view – What’s your most memorable view

Room with a view: Marvin Architectural is looking for your favourite memory of sitting in or looking out through a window -maybe from childhood or holidays! What did you see? Was it daytime or night-time? What was the location? What room? What age were you? How were you feeling?

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