How Energy Efficient Are New Windows ?

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Energy Efficient Windows

How Energy Efficient Are New Windows?

15 November 2018

Many homeowners are throwing away money due to heat loss through old windows that are not energy efficient. The problem with old windows is that they tend to let heat escape. The heat inside their home escapes between small cracks, inefficient glass or missing or improperly installed sealing. As a result, this is costing homeowners more on electricity costs such as heating and cooling systems.

By installing new energy efficient windows homeowners can be sure that they are saving money, lowering their carbon footprint and achieving a more comfortable home to live in. Here are some of the factors impacting your windows energy efficiency.

 What Are The Features Of Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient new window

1. U Value

The U value is a measurement of the rate of heat transfer that informs you how well the window is at insulating your building. The lower the U value number is, the better its insulating properties are going to be and its resistance to heat flow. Therefore, the lower the U value the more energy efficient the window is.

2. Low E Glass

Also known as Low Emissivity glass, this is a clear metallic coating applied to the inside of your glass. This cutting-edge technology keeps the heat inside during the winter and outside in the summer depending (depending on the angle of the sun). Not only does this reduce your energy bills, but it also helps increase comfort in your home and protects your furniture from discolouring from harmful sun rays.

3. Argon Gas

Either Argon or Krypton can be used as gas fills between glass planes to displace the air and provide for greater insulation. Argon is nontoxic, odourless and non- flammable. Argon is 30% more resistant to thermal conductivity than air. Argon also has the added benefit of increasing the soundproof quality of windows.

4. Double or Triple Glazing

When shopping for windows look for double or triple pane glass. The additional window pane inside the design makes the product more energy efficient by improving heat retention and keeping heat inside your home. Don’t let your money go out the window with single panes! Save money on energy bills and enhance your comfort by trapping the heat inside your home with high-quality double or triple glazing.


Energy efficient triple glazed windows


5. Installation

It is critical that your windows are properly installed by professional and reputable window installers in order to prevent drafts, condensation and maximize your energy efficiency.

6. Air / Water Tightness

Between 30 and 50 percent of heat loss occurs from air flowing in and out of a building. Air/Watertight windows are properly sealed to ensure that water or air cannot pass through them. Windows with low airtightness ratings will result in unwanted air-leakages and condensation within your home. A common problem found with older generations of aluclad wood products is the ability for water to get trapped between the aluminium and wood causing rot due to poor water management design.


Energy efficient windows by Marvin

Why Choose Marvin?

Marvin Architectural offers next generation windows tailored and designed specifically to suit your needs. Marvin’s Energy efficient window and door range can help you achieve long-term performance and energy costs savings in any climate, with U value factor’s as low as 0.5.


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