What Are Composite Windows?

Everything You Need To Know About Them Explained By Marvin Architectural

What Are Composite Windows?

13 December 2017

Before starting to talk about Composite Windows, let’s see what’s a composite itself. A composite is formed by combining two or more materials that have different properties. Individual materials are easily distinguishable within the composite (they don’t dissolve or blend into each other). The materials work together as a composite to provide unique properties that are typically superior to the individual materials in isolation.

With that being said, composites offer strong benefits in two key areas:

  • Strength: They provide incredible tensile and compressive strength and high-impact strength.
  • Dimensional Stability: They are extremely stiff, and there is less material movement. Despite this, composites are still relatively light compared with other materials.

Sustainability, The Big Difference Of Composite Windows.

This graph illustrates the estimated lifecycle costs of three different window types:

  • Timber
  • PVC
  • Aluclad Composite (Aluminium + Wood)

Through timber windows can last a lifetime if properly maintained, the cost of maintenance adds to the overall cost of the window. On the other hand, PVC windows do not need to be maintained every 10 years but may suffer discolouration or fading after 30 years and are often replaced. They are also cheaper, yes, but in terms of performance, design and reliability they are far away from timber.

PVC windows are cheaper than Composite, and that might be significant when it comes to buying a large number of windows but what many people don’t know is that they end up costing you more money in the long term. Opposite to popular belief, PVC windows are not maintenance free at all and they are not quite easy to repair.

So What’s The Best Solution? Aluminium Clad Composite Windows

So what you need is a type of window that can be stylish, energy efficient, with a linear maintenance cost that over a 60-year period could be cheaper than PVC and Timber. Aluminum Clad Composite Windows.

With narrow frames, customizable glazing bars and slim profiles, the benefits of aluclad also include maximizing the usage of light, the performance and looking as good as new after 20 years installed. Aluclad windows are the answer if you want a wooden interior but you don’t want to be worrying about maintaining them.

Explore Marvin’s Aluminium Clad Wood Composite Windows

Click on either of the links below to discover some of our most popular composite window styles.

Aluminium Clad Wood Casement Windows With French Vanilla Finish
  Aluminium Clad Wood Sliding Sash Window

Composite windows can potentially last for many years to come. They are not only highly engineered products with the latest performance and technology, they can also match the profiles and the look of traditional windows.

Available in double or triple glazed glass, you have a whole different range of window types and colours to match your home’s style.

If you’re interested in these windows or if you are still not sure about what window suits your house better, our Professional Design Team would be delighted to help you. Don’t hesitate in requesting a quote, booking a free on-site survey or discussing any aspect of your project. We build our windows around you.

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