Bringing A Traditional House Its Glow Back

With Marvin's Ultimate Replacement Timber Sash Windows

Replacement Timber Sash Windows In Oxford

Here at Marvin Architectural, our specialised window & door team understand that when it comes to historical buildings they need to meet rigorous design specifications while also improving the overall energy-efficiency. Marvin’s Next Generation Replacement Timber Sash Windows are built for maintaining traditional UK authenticity, without taking any cost-saving shortcuts.

It’s imperative to take the proper time to evaluate the property’s condition, taking care of every detail to ensure that the new units are compatible with the existing facade.

Restoring The Beauty Back Into A Traditional Style

Located in the charming area of Oxford, this beautiful cottage style house had the perfect combination of bricks and stone, maintaining a rich and historic appearance. The problem at hand was the original wood sliding sash windows had more than 40 years with next to no maintenance at all.

The owners got in touch with us after seeing our previous replacement timber sash window projects on our website and examining our windows in our London showroom. With the vast design versatility at their disposal, the clients had finalised their timber sash window requirements.

Replacing Timber Sash Window With Next Generation Performance

The client had decided that Marvin’s Wood Sliding Sash Window was the perfect solution for their replacement project.The time had come to choose the colours, a very important detail because while as windows and doors are the focal points of a house, the exterior colour should match the aesthetic of the building.

The client specified Signal White (RAL 9010) for the interior and for Cream (RAL 9001) for the exterior, creating a beautiful composition with the house’s facade.

Window Architraving And Plastering Was Included In The Marvin Service




How Can You Maximize Light With Small Replacement Timber Sash Windows?

A common problem with smaller sized sash windows is the bulky appearance that can arise from thicker window profiles. Marvin’s Timber Sash Windows are created with a slim design in mind in order to maximise sightlines outside and light flow inside.

Some of the key slim profile features of Marvin’s Replacement Timber Sash Windows include:

  • Narrow Meeting Rails
  • Slim Jambs & Frames
  • 16mm Glazing Bars

Confused by the window terminology above? Check out our quick guide to understanding window parts here.

Perfection Is Found In The Little Details.

The key difference that Marvin Architectural offers to all our clients is found in the details. We are committed to making sure that all windows look visually stunning not just from the outside, but from the interior too. During this project, Marvin restored the architrave around the window and painted it with the exact matching colour of the window. The interior window cill was also painted with matching colours. This additional service offered by Marvin provided the client with a beautiful design feature in each of their interior rooms, embellishing style and luxury.

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