Traditional Sash Window Replacement Project | Oxford Farmhouse

Traditional Sash Window Replacement Project | Oxford Farmhouse

Upgrading a Home with Modern Performance

The original wooden single glazed windows in this Oxford home presented many problems for the homeowners such as rotten timber and poor energy efficiency. This resulted in draughts in the home and heat loss through the windows.

After researching different window and door companies Marvin Architectural was chosen to supply and install a turnkey replacement solution due to their quick responsive service. Marvin could deliver on their window needs both aesthetically and functionally.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The homeowners wanted windows to suit their traditional style home but with the added commodities of modern living. The  Aluminum clad wood sliding sash window encapsulated a true historic tone and feel. They wanted their home to be energy efficient with a view of being self-sufficient in the long term.

Poorly insulated windows can lose up to fifteen percent of the heat inside the house. Marvin windows use softcoat Low E || with argon gas filled glazing, which has many benefits such as energy savings, improved comfort, reduced condensation, and low energy bills. Low E || glazing is a second generation glass which features two panes of glass with a layer that reduces heat gain in the summer months and heat loss in the winter. An impermeable triple sealing is used between the sash and the frame to reduce the entrance of air and water into your wood windows.

Maximizing Natural Light

The homeowner opted for Marvins Aluminum Clad Wood sash windows. Marvins Aluclad sash windows with their slim profiles and narrow sightlines allow for more daylight entry and open the home to a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living. The three large sash windows placed next to each other create a bright, light and airy space while allowing for natural light to flood the room. The natural wood compliments the interior of the home. The style of windows are in keeping with the traditional style of the home.

Low Maintenance Aluminium Clad Exterior

The new replacement windows are double glazed and energy efficient and as a result, save the homeowners money on heating and electricity costs. The homeowner specified a stone white aluminium exterior and a natural bare wood interior. With the aluminium clad wood window and door range, you can enjoy the beauty of low maintenance aluminium clad exterior along with a slim traditional look. The exterior cladding protects the wood from the outdoor elements making the windows and doors extremely durable as well as low maintenance.

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