Replacing Timber Windows With Next Generation Performance

Replacing Timber Windows With Next Generation Performance

Upgrading Traditional Timber Windows With Next Generation Performance

The client felt that it was time to replace their old worn out single pane windows in their home. The original single glazed windows presented many problems such as drafts for the homeowner. Original historic sash windows are part of the charm and character of properties however they are not considered to be energy efficient. Old historic windows are responsible for the majority of heat loss in a home.

Commodities of Modern Living and Improved Energy Efficiency with Alu Clad Wood Windows

The client wanted to stick with the original traditional style sash windows but with the commodities of modern living and improved energy efficiency. They decided on Marvin’s aluminium clad wood sash windows due to their energy efficiency and low maintenance benefits while retaining an authentic traditional appearance. Aluminium clad wood is the optimum choice for today’s homeowner who wants a wooden interior without the worry of maintenance caused by natural elements.

The homeowner went for a stone white exterior finish and a pure white interior. As windows are a key feature of a building, the white windows complemented the white walls in the interior and enhanced the homes exterior kerb appeal. The new replacement windows were double glazed with argon gas which helps to.

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