Neo Classical Design New Build

Marvin Architectural provided a turnkey service for the client from professional design and technical advice to full installation of factory finished products.

Neo Classical Design New Build.

Read how Marvin Architectural provided professional design, technical advice and full installation of custom mulled windows and doors.

Neo Classical Design

This residence is situated in an exclusive and unique private site in Surrey. The owner sought to maximise its potential by designing and building a home with very high specification, quality and authenticity Neo Classical Design. The house reflects the uniqueness of its location in its personalised design, market value (£2.5m) and kerb appeal.

The Marvin magnum sliding sash used throughout the house gives it a feeling of warmth and tradition. The four wide sliding French door (16ft) with overhead sunburst transom creates a dramatic focal point in the kitchen area and maximises the southerly orientation. A particularly appealing feature is the repetition of the large sliding sash units which are mulled together and extended to floor level. The barewood blemish free interior wood finish on the inside continues the feeling of luxury and the stone white aluminium exterior ensures a maintenance free product. Low E II is standard Marvin Windows and Doors glazing specification throughout ensuring a consistent heat factor indoors in both hot and cold weather.


The developer/owner of the property remarked that he found Marvin Architectural to be very professional from start to finish and was very happy with the outcome. He has since sold the property with a high margin of profit.