London Home Summer Extension Project

The unmatched quality and detailed beauty of the ultimate aluminium clad wood windows from Marvin were the main factors that influenced the client’s decision to partner with Marvin Architectural for their summer extension project. Marvin architectural worked closely with the client during the brief to understand their project vision and what their requirements were.

Embellishing Symmetry and Balance Throughout

Symmetry and balance were the guiding principles for this window and door project. The units were placed together to give a modern impression of a glass window wall, without losing the traditional touch these windows and doors bring. The client wanted a traditional style with the commodities of modern living and improved energy efficiency. Marvins Ultimate Aluminium Clad Wood Casement Windows with a sleek crank & turn handle system that allows for a unique smooth operating system.

The new windows and doors with their consistent slim profiles and narrow sightlines maximises natural light within. They open the home to a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living and allow for natural light to fill the room. The Ultimate Sliding Patio Door design with its effortless operation is particularly ideal for areas where space is limited. It is an upscale look of the traditional french door.

The extruded aluminium cladding replicates slim traditional profiles while the sleek 16mm glazing bars provide consistent sightlines of the surrounding views

The Beauty of Low Maintenance Aluminium Clad Exterior

With the aluminium clad wood window and door range, you can enjoy the beauty of low maintenance aluminium clad exterior along with a slim traditional look. The exterior cladding protects the wood from the outdoor elements making the windows and doors extremely durable as well as low maintenance.

The slim profile of the double glazing allowed the homeowner to reach exceptional thermal performance without compromising on aesthetics with unappealing heavy frames. The Low E coating, argon gas and warm-edge spacer bars in the double glazing vastly decreased energy consumption and improved overall comfort in the home.

The eye-catching wooden interior of the windows and doors with handcrafted detailed designs compliments the interior and becomes a key focal point in the extension.

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