Embellishing a Stunning Seaside House

Featuring Marvin's Slim Profiled Aluminium Clad Wood Windows & Doors

Stunning Seaside Home

How Do You Improve What’s Already Great?

Marvin’s design team had quite a challenge with this project. The owners came to us looking for ideas in order to redesign and modernizing their home without losing its classic seaside style.

They loved the idea of using Marvin’s scenic French doors and a range of different aluclad window styles as they could be able to take full advantage of the natural daylight as possible, benefiting at the same time with their energy-efficient and low maintenance features. This also created a visual link between the luxurious interior and the astonishing panorama sea view on the outside.

Challenge Accepted. Let’s Get This Done.

After deciding which style of windows and doors they wanted to use, the homeowners were very specific with the requirements, paying a lot of attention to the details in the frames and hardware. Marvin and the client worked side by side, doing everything to make their vision come true while bringing them tailor-made solutions.

They were interested in giving a pebble grey finish to the exterior frames to highlight against the white wall finish. On the inside, aluclad casement and sliding sash windows with pine wood in a pure white finish were the selected choice, making this a delight for the eyes.

Including Marvin’s Wooden French Aluminium Clad Doors as entrance doors weren’t only a great decision in terms of design but also offered a luxurious opening to the wooden deck outside.

Your Vision. Marvin’s Commitment.

In Marvin Architectural we are motivated by making dreams come true. In this particular case study, the dream was already there. It only needed to be rediscovered. Our fuel is the joy in your eyes after seeing the work finished. We always seek to be involved as much as possible with the clients’ project journey to help bring their vision to life.