Covent Garden's New Jewel In The Crown: Mercer's Yard, London WC2H 9QJ, UK.

Ambitious new build commercial project placed in the heart of London, featuring Marvin's distinguished Aluminium Clad Sliding Sash Windows.

Covent Garden’s New Jewel In The Crown: Mercers’ Yard

As part of the company's vision, Marvin is always looking for new challenges. Our passion for creating new spaces, redesigning existing ones and restoring historical buildings has given us the drive to always be one step ahead with solutions, focusing on making the clients' dreams come true. We want to share the excitement of being part of this great buildings facade.

Let’s Start From The Beginning

In this particular case, Marvin was contacted directly by Ian Ritchie Architects for their new build commercial project located in one of London’s most high-profile locations, Covent Garden.
It involved developing three distinct buildings for both residential and commercial use, including a pedestrian link connecting Mercer Street and Langley Street.
But this wasn’t all, the project also involved the refurbishment of 13-14 Langley Street (a 19th Century Covent Garden warehouse – into a new flagship retail store)

Time To Get Started: Meeting The Requirements

The entire plan demanded 115 units of Marvin’s Aluminium Clad Pine Wood Sliding Sash Windows, with a stone white finish on the exterior and pure white on the interior (RAL 9010) with a satin finish on the hardware. The client had stated that they were looking for low-maintenance windows with high performing acoustic and energy ratings. The ability to provide a full design service and work on a tight schedule in one of London’s busiest areas was also a crucial requirement for the client.

The interesting thing here, besides the number of windows, was that the architect specified for soundproof glazing, bringing the windows’ performance to a higher standard.

Marvin’s Aluminium Clad Windows stand out for being manufactured with the best-extruded aluminium. Being thicker than standard European rolled-form aluminium, it’s moulded slim like profile and it’s colour fastness.

For more information about composite windows and their benefits click here.

Why Have Soundproof Windows Become Such A Hot Topic?

We all know that constant loud sounds can cause stress. But recent research shows that not only does excessively loud noise cause changes in blood pressure, it also can change sleep and digestive patterns. In the European Union, living near an airport is actually considered a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

A Throwback To The Building Process. In 360 Degrees.

Experience the site like you were there thanks to this video made by The B1M, who we thank in advance for the courtesy of sharing their video.


Marvin’s Commitment. Your Peace Of Mind.

Having Marvin’s Brand as part of your commercial project is what pushes us to provide the best services and solutions available on the market today. Here at Marvin Architectural, we have a whole team of windows and doors specialists with 150 years of combined experience ready to help you at every stage of the process. From presenting custom solutions to providing detailed design options with CAD models, on-site survey, full installation and an extensive 20-year warranty.

For further information on “Managing Sound Transmission” we provide a RIBA-approved CPD on this topic.

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