What are Box Sash Windows?

Everything you need to know about box sash windows

What Are Box Sash Windows?

27 June 2019

Anatomy Of Box Sash Windows

Box sash windows are made up of two parts called sashes. The two sashes slide up and down vertically within a timber frame to open or close the window. The timber frame holds the individual pieces of glass. To facilitate opening and closing the box sash window is fitted with a weight and chord system.

The sashes are hung on the sash chord which is usually a waxed cotton rope with a polyester core. The chords are balanced by weight to allow the sashes to slide up or down. They hold the window in place when it is open. This system ensures that the window will stay open and not drop closed at its own accord.

The weights in the window closely match the weight of the sash, they move up and down inside the frame. The working weight and chord system is not visible on a box sash window as they are hidden internally within the timber frame.

Marvin box sash window

Add Character To Your Home With Traditional Style Box Sash Windows

Box sash windows have a rich history and were especially popular during the Georgian and Victorian ages. They are traditional and timeless as they never go out of style. Box sash windows have a truly historic feel and add character to a home. Another name for the modern version of box sash windows are double hung sash windows. Single hung sash windows have one moveable sash while double-hung ones have two moveable sashes.

High-Performance Energy Efficient Box Sash Windows

Original historic box sash windows are single glazed. As technology has improved since then box sash windows can now be found both double and triple glazed and made with a range of different timber. Many homeowners choose to replace their original single pane sash windows with new identical energy efficient windows with improved thermal and draught proof performance. These replacement windows, particularly in conservation areas, usually replicate the exact design and appearance of the original ones while improving energy performance and heat retention.

Why Choose Marvin?

The slim profile of Marvin’s traditional wood sash windows allows for a sleek aesthetic design that maximizes daylight entry and provides clear sightlines of surrounding views in comparison with Pvc sash windows which have thicker profiles and sacrifice on design for performance. Marvin provides you with the ability to customise your sash window with an array of different wood species, slim glazing bar design options, stunning hardware options & finishes and a choice of any RAL paint colours to suit any property.

Interested In Box Sash Windows? Explore Marvin’s Range Of Traditional Wood Sash Windows