What Is The Best Wood
For Windows In The UK?

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Best Wood For Windows In The UK

15 May 2018

The Best Wood For Windows? Depending On Your Needs.

There are two main groups when it comes to choosing the best wood for windows. Softwoods and Hardwoods. Both of them used for different purposes, depending on the specifications of the project, the exposure to climatic agents like water or strong winds or the level of detail desired.

The simplest way of classifying wood as either hardwood or softwood is determining how the seeds produce the tree itself. If a tree seed has a shell or is a fruit, it is classified as a hardwood. If the tree seed has no shell or fruit, it is classified as softwood. It is a common misconception to define wood as softwood or hardwood based on the different characteristics found within them, especially toughness or durability.


Common examples of softwoods include pine, douglas fir, spruce and yew. Pinewood is the most common softwood found in windows & doors due to its high-quality characteristics. Softwood windows & doors are usually finished in premium coats of paint to create a visually stunning finish and prolong the lifespan of the product.

What is Softwood?

Softwood is wood taken from trees known as conifers. These are mostly evergreen trees, with needle or scale-like leaves.

Opposite to popular belief, softwoods can also be the best wood for windows, mostly because they aren’t always softer than hardwoods. Some trees like pine or cedar are much denser than a lot of hardwoods, with variations in shades and patterns. This makes them a great option when it comes to handcrafting unique window & door designs.

Why Choose Softwood?

  • They are more economical than hardwoods when it comes to cost since softwoods grow faster.
  • They are lighter and lower in density, which means they are easier to handle in terms of laminating.
  • Softwoods tend to work great as insulators 
  • Softwoods like Pine are a great paint and oil absorber, which allows you get beautiful finishes.
  • Softwoods appear less grainy and have no visible pores.
  • Medullary Rays and Tracheids transport water and produce sap.


Examples of hardwoods include oak, maple, teak and mahogany. Hardwoods, such as oak or mahogany, are common in windows & doors with a stained finish. Clients who opt for hardwoods generally are drawn to a bare wood interior finish and the distinctive grooves found in hardwoods.

What Is Hardwood?

On the other hand, hardwood is taken from dicot trees and their structure is more complex than softwoods.

Although the terms hardwood and softwood aren’t differentiated based on the toughness and durability of a given piece of wood, it’s noted that most common hardwoods are usually harder than softwoods.


Why Choose Hardwood?

  • They are mostly darker in colour, heavier and more expensive than softwoods due to their density and because they take longer to grow.
  • The key point for hardwoods is the resistance to impact and how damaged they get after it.
  • Much denser than most softwoods, which adds durability and performance
  • They are harder to handle in construction because of their structure and thus increases their costs.
  • Presence of pores and vessels creates a prominent grain in the hardwood’s appearance.

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Marvin’s Wooden Ranges

Marvin Architectural offers two ranges of wooden windows and doors with different styles, colours and finishes, following the passion that drives us to make your home look extraordinary: Signature Traditional Range and Marvin’s Classic Range.

Signature Traditional Range’s rich bare wood interiors are available with a lacquer coating to preserve the natural look of the wood and allow you to establish a beautiful interior design feature in any room of your home. Choose from a wide range of lacquer stains to satisfy your vision and personal design tastes.

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