Bifold Door | What Are The Benefits?

Learn the benefits of bifolding doors and why you should use them in your next home project

Bifold Door | What Are The Benefits?

01 July 2019

Bifold doors are all the rage at the moment and are becoming one of the most popular patio door choice for homes. Have you ever wondered about the benefits and what a new bi-fold door could bring to your home? They add value to a home by providing many practical and aesthetic benefits. Here are a few best reasons to invest in bi-fold doors.

Low maintenance aluminium bifold door in light grey finish

Create a Seamless Transition Between Indoor And Outdoor Space With Bifold Doors

With bi-fold doors, you can integrate your home with its natural surroundings. They create a luxury indoor/outdoor living space inviting in the outdoor landscape. Opening up the home to the outdoors is a great way to fill the home with natural light. Enjoy the views and fresh air from the comfort of your home.

Incorporate Natural Light Into Your Home

You can save money on energy bills by letting in natural light for the most part of the day. Regardless of whether the door is opened or closed it still allows maximum sunlight into the home. Natural light can lift a dark room and turn it into somewhere you want to spend more time in. Lightning up a room makes it appear less enclosed and more refreshed and welcoming.

Wooden Bi-fold Door Opened Wide
Dual finish wooden bifold doors with a bare wood interior and white exterior

Safety And Security

Bi-fold doors boast high levels of security. They feature multi-point locking systems. Other types of glass doors tend to only have one type of locking system. Extra security is provided by the fixings and the attaching points for the handles, locks and hinges.

Low Maintenance

As bi-fold doors don’t have multiple frames or panes they are generally easier to clean. Aluminium bifold doors allow a virtually maintenance free benefit.

Bifold Doors Take Up Little Space

Bi-folding doors can open inwards or outwards. Most homeowners choose the outwards opening as it provides more space for the interior. This is especially beneficial for homes in tight spaces.

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