Best Timber Casement Windows For Surrey And London Homes

08 July 2020

Best Timber Casement Windows For Surrey And London Homes

As you may know, timber casement windows are an all-time British architectural classic. While they might not be as popular as sliding sash windows, casement windows hold firm as a popular choice for British architecture. Marvin Architectural UK has completed countless projects in across the UK, with the best casement windows available, and in particular Surrey and London homes which you can view here.

Timber window manufacturing has transformed over the past decade thanks to innovations in the industry. Marvin Architectural is a renowned leader in timber window and door manufacturing in the UK.

Premium Timber Casement Windows Surrey

Timeless Authentic British Casement Aesthetics

Marvin Architectural UK wood windows & doors feature flat finish joints as to avoid unsightly V joints and create narrow shadow lines to highlight the beautiful craftsmanship. Our bespoke timber casement windows are crafted with British Architecture in mind.

Choose from four traditional profiling options for your glazing bars, frame and sash to complement the architectural  British design and character of your London home.

Traditional profiles include Ovolo, Lamb’s Tongue, Concave and Putty Line designs.

High-End Flush Finish – Sash Fits Neatly Into The Frame

Modern Performance

Specially engineered wood is used in all Signature traditional window and door products. Three layers of laminated wood are used to prevent warping and increase the lifespan of the products. Marvin Architectural UK wood windows and doors are manufactured using only the highest quality knot free Scandinavian timber .

Consistent impermeable triple sealing is used between the sash and frame to reduce the entrance of air and water into your wood windows and doors. These systems of draught seals aid in producing a highly energy efficient solution.

The factory sprayed on paint penetrates deeply into the pores of the wood to form a protective, flexible shield, which is dirt resistant and prevents cracking due to the natural movement of the wood. All Marvin Architectural timber windows and doors are backed by a comprehensive 10 year warranty to give you added peace of mind and first-class after service if required.

These modern performance features don’t interfere with the slim traditional joinery of Marvin Architectural casement windows. Now you can have the best of both worlds, slim traditional appearance combined with modern performance.

Traditional Slim Joinery

Design Versatility

Marvin Architectural UK provides you with the opportunity to customise your traditional timber casement windows with an array of wood species & stains, glazing bar designs, custom sash horn designs and a wide range of hardware and colour options.

Made To Order Casement Windows
Maximise Natural Light And Sightlines With Narrow Profiles

Advanced Security Features

Glass is fitted from the interior to prevent intruders from gaining entry by removing the glass. A wide range of sophisticated locking options are available for traditional timber casement windows.

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