What Are The Best Sliding Sash Windows?

22 August 2018

The Best Sliding Sash Windows? Let’s start.

As you may know, sliding sash windows are an all-time British architectural classic. They were an icon of Georgian and Victorian periods while continuing to still add refinement and distinction to homes across the UK. But which style is the best for sliding sash windows?

Generally speaking, you’ll have to decide between UPVC, Wood or Aluminium Clad Wood (Aluclad) for your sliding sash window. Each type has their unique benefits which will be shown further on in this blog.

UPVC Sash Windows: An Unauthentic Cheap Solution

Typically speaking, uPVC sash windows don’t replicate the traditional UK design due to the chunkier profiles often featured. They also tend to have deep visible V-Joints between the sash horns and top sash which will cheapen the appearance. Cheap uPVC Sash Windows also lack traditional profiles on wooden interiors that can’t be replicated with plastic. Typically uPVC windows are often restricted to limited sizing due to the nature of the material structure.

For these aesthetical reasons, Marvin Architectural don’t supply uPVC as they aren’t the best sliding sash windows for UK architecture.

Traditional Wood Sash Windows: Timeless Aesthetics

Edwardian Styled Wood Sliding Sash Windows
Edwardian Styled Wood Sliding Sash Windows

Wooden sash windows stand out for their classical profiles and size proportions. Traditional UK Wood Sash Windows often feature:

  • Slim frames and depth
  • Weighted or spiral spring balances for operation
  • Glazing bar designs and profiles
  • Decorative sash horns
  • No visible deep cuts between joints

So what are the best sliding sash windows? In our opinion, wood is the best for sliding sash windows as they replicate the exact style used in traditional times. However, they do require some regular maintenance which can be an issue for some.

As Marvin’s windows are fully customizable and tailor-made for your home, you can replicate these historical designs with ease. Creating bespoke units for every particular need, Marvin offers an array of wood species, slim glazing bar design options, stunning hardware options, hardware finish and a choice of any RAL paint colours are available.

Marvin’s sash windows use only laminated triple-layer wood. Three layers are used because this technology prevents the window frame from warping and increases the lifetime of the windows. The outer layers are radial or half-radial cut, and this method protects window surfaces from wood splitting. The timber used to manufacture our products is carefully selected and treated. With correct installation and proper maintenance, Marvin windows will last and give satisfaction for several decades

Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Windows: A Reinvented Classic

Georgian Styled Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Windows
Georgian Styled Aluminium Clad Wood Windows

Creating a product that is able to combine the design and versatility of a wood sliding sash window, with the performance and low maintenance of aluminium is not easy. However, Marvin has developed a Next-Generation window solution for the sliding sash product by combining traditional design with modern-day performance.

  • Low Maintenance Aluminium Cladding Exterior
  • Decorative Detailed Wooden Interior
  • Tilt-In Wash Mode To Wash The Exterior Of The Windows With Ease
  • First-Rate Energy Efficiency 
  • Maintain AuthenticTraditional Profiles Since The Slim Ultra-Durable Extruded Aluminium Is Integrated Into The Wood Rather Than Stuck On Like European Style AluClad Windows

You can achieve excellent performance ratings thanks to Marvin’s extruded aluminium cladding, which makes sash windows resistant to fading and chalking. Homeowners can continue to experience all the benefits of an aesthetical wooden interior and an extremely durable exterior which replicates slim traditional profiles.

With its innovative keeperless hardware system, multipoint locking system, lockable vent mode and other performance and aesthetic enhancing improvements, this window seamlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with Marvin’s legendary craftsmanship without sacrificing the traditional sliding sash look. The large variety of available sizes, innovative wash-mode and the unmatched performance is what sets this window apart from the rest.