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With Beautiful Handcrafted Wood Windows Or Maintenance Free Aluminium Clad Wood, Marvin Offers A Wide Range Of Solutions For Your Needs.

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Bespoke Windows Designed Around You

Windows are the eyes of your home and are a defining element in creating the look you want. This means that when choosing windows you need to keep in mind the final impression that you want to achieve. Marvin’s bespoke windows are guaranteed to meet your performance needs and aesthetic desires.

The Marvin Architectural team of experts including technicians, CAD experts, experienced designers and craftspeople will guide you through this process and ensure that you end up with the window that will satisfy all your needs.

Marvin Architectural offer windows with traditional profiles for replacement, new build and commercial projects with full custom capability. A popular option is the maintenance free exteriors to suit modern lifestyles. Marvin Windows are CE certified and come with a 10/20 year warranty with every window.

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Marvin’s Wood Sash Windows Are Custom Made To Your Exact Specifications

A Range Of Quality Bespoke Window Solutions For Both Traditional & Contemporary Homes

The decision-making process of purchasing windows can be quite overwhelming at times for many. Marvin understands that finding the perfect window for your home requires important details such as slim profiles, design proportions, energy efficiency, air-tightness and added comfort to your home.

Marvin’s two most popular styles of bespoke windows consist of either finely crated wood or next-generation aluminium clad wood.

Traditional Wood Windows

Wood is the most suitable and sympathetic window material to use for replacement, newbuild and commercial projects in the UK. Marvin combines their wooden bespoke windows with the latest manufacturing technology, resulting in quality products that can last a lifetime when maintained properly.

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Key Features & Benefits Of Marvin’s Wood Windows

  • Authentic UK Designs: Marvin’s bespoke wood windows are designed with traditional UK architecture in mind and can meet most conservation requirements.
  • Premium Quality: Each piece of wood is felled from sustainable forestry, x-rayed for knots which are then removed and a treated for moisture using double vacuum technique.
  • Design Versatility: The beauty of Marvin’s wood windows is the virtually unlimited design capabilities at your disposal including colours, hardware, sizes, glazing bars and much more.
  • Warranty: Marvin wood windows consist of an extensive 10-year warranty to give you added peace of mind.

Learn more about the different bespoke wood window operating styles offered by Marvin.

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Low Maintenance Aluminium Clad Wood Windows

Thanks to the maintenance free aluminium exterior, your Marvin windows will look as good 20 years later as the day that they were installed. Marvin uses a high spec extruded aluminium cladding rather than the more common roll formed and European cladding.

The extruded aluminium is grooved into the wood rather than applied to the outside of the interior wood. This result in many added benefits such as slimmer profiles, the ability of the wood and aluminium to expand/contract naturally and a more highly durable bespoke window solution.

Bespoke Windows With A Grey Aluminium Exterior Finish
Extruded Aluminium Cladding Allows For Even Slimmer Window Frames.

Key Features & Benefits Of Marvin’s Aluminium Clad Wood Windows

  • Virtually Maintenance Free Exterior: The extruded aluminium cladding exterior protects the wooden interior from rotting or warping, meaning you won’t have to worry about additional maintenance.
  • Traditional Or Contemporary Design Options: Marvin’s bespoke aluminium clad wood windows can be designed to match either traditional UK homes or contemporary newbuild projects.
  • Maintain A Wooden Interior: Aswell the obvious aesthetical features that you’ll get from the wooden interior, you’ll also benefit from additional energy efficiency due to the natural insulation characteristics of wood.
  • Narrow Profiles & Shadow Lines: Marvin’s Aluminium Clad Wood Windows feature stunning detail in the wood, a slimmer frame and can consist of up to 35% more glass than other window alternatives.
  • Warranty: Marvin provides you with an extensive 20-year warranty against corrosion and rot.

Want to learn more about Marvin’s next-generation aluminium clad wood windows? Click on the link below.

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