Are Wooden Sash Windows Energy Efficient?

Are Wooden Sash Windows Energy Efficient?

21 March 2019

Original Historic Single Glazed Sash Windows

Original historic sash windows from the Georgian period are part of the charm and character of period properties however they are not considered to be energy efficient. They are an important architectural feature of the Georgian era. Traditional sash windows are single glazed which often leads to poor insulation.

The main issues with old windows dating back to this time are their lack of energy performance and the poor sealing around the frames which can produce unpleasant draughts. Old original Sash windows are responsible for the majority of heat loss in a period property. Increase your homes energy efficiency and save money on heating and electricity bills by replacing old single glazed sash windows with new energy efficient modern double-glazed sash windows.

Wood sash windows energy efficient

How are Modern  Sash Windows Energy Efficient?

1. Double Glazing

The additional pane inside the window makes it more energy efficient by improving heat retention. Combined with low E coatings and argon gas they offer a highly energy efficient solution. Both low e and argon gas enhance the energy performance to reach U-Values as low as 1.3 W/m2K.

2Low E Glass

Also known as Low Emissivity glass this acts by reflecting heat back to its source. The U value is a measure of the rate of heat transfer and informs you how well the window is at insulating the building. The lower the U value the better the window’s insulating properties are.

3. Argon Gas

Argon or Kypton can be used as gas fills between glass planes to displace the air and provide for greater insulation. Argon is nontoxic, odourless and non- flammable. Aragon is 30% more resistant to thermal conductivity than air. Argon also has the added benefit of increasing the sound proof quality of windows.

4. Triple sealing

Triple sealing around the sash frame prevents air leaking into the home and provides a greater quality of comfort while protecting the sash and frame from water and draughts. New sash windows are fully weather sealed offering excellent thermal and weather performance. Between 30 and 50 percent of heat loss occurs from air flowing in and out of a building. Air/Water tight windows are properly sealed to ensure that water or air cannot pass through them. Modern double-glazed sash windows have been designed to include traditional features, whilst incorporating modern technology. New or Replacement sash windows can decrease your energy bills by up to 35% a year.

5. Slim Profiles

The slimmer profiles on modern sash windows allows for more daylight entry which reduces the need for lighting during the day and decreases electricity costs.

6. Sash Fastener

Sash Window Fasteners & Locks  play a vital role in overall sash window performance keeping them secure and preventing draughts.

7. Wood Frame

Marvin’s sash windows use only laminated triple-layer wood. Three layers are used because this technology prevents the window frame from warping and increases the lifetime of the windows.

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