Are Aluminium Windows Better Than uPVC?

Are Aluminium Windows Better Than uPVC?

08 October 2019

Aluminium Window
uPVC window

What Are Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium windows are quite self-explanatory; they are windows made from Aluminium. They can come in many different styles and offer unique architectural design features mixed with market-leading thermal performance, combining polyurethane resin with a multi-chamber isolator core which helps meeting the thermal requirements of the current building regulations.

What Are uPVC Windows?

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as uPVC, is a low-maintenance building material. uPVC is quite famous for being a cheaper alternative to hardwood timber and aluminium windows. Although uPVC is quite popular when talking about windows, it has several other uses including siding, and fascia or weatherboarding.

Are Aluminium Windows Better Than uPVC?

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Pros And Cons of Aluminum Windows

When choosing windows, you have probably looked at several options, including uPVC and aluminium. The uPVC and aluminium windows of today have come very than when they were first created but just how good are they? Here is a list of the Pro and Con of both to help you make your decision.


Ultra slimline profiles create beautiful window designs

Aluminium is light but enduring


Doesn’t require much maintenance other than wiping dust


Comes in any RAL colour

Can easily be manipulated into shapes if you have special shaped windows


May not work well in extremely cold climates. However, this can be improved by using non-conductive material between the two panes.

A higher cost than uPVC

uPVC window

Pros And Cons of uPVC Windows


Can be recycled

Doesn’t require much maintenance

It won’t change shape over time

Highly weather-resistant



Comes from an unsustainable source. uPVC is reliant on oil supplies that will eventually run out

uPVC is Cheap, while that can be a good thing, it is cheap for a reason. uPVC can cheapen the value of older and historic buildings.

Becomes brittle and discolours over time

Unenviormentally friendly. Although it can be recycled, it gives off harmful fumes when created and destroyed

                                                         Can look ugly and uninspired


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