Triple Glazed Windows

Aluminium Clad Wood Triple Glazed Windows

The latest advances in double glazed windows offer energy savings that make triple glazed windows a rare option to replacement, except in extremely cold climates. However, triple glazed windows can achieve maximum energy efficiency by combining panes of Low-E glass, separated by warm edge thermal spacers and filled with argon gas.

The surface of the glass inside a triple glazed window not only delivers a better U-value, but it is also warmer than a double glazed unit. Another small but important difference in comfort levels is the reduction of condensation potential or cold spots on the window. Note that the glass of windows is cooler than the surrounding surfaces, such as walls.

Passive Standard Homes and Energy Efficient Windows

For passive standard homes, the frame and glass of the window must be well structured with both insulated, and triple glaze is mandatory to reach the U-value of 0.8 for heat retention on the glass and frame thorough. Marvin also design their windows to passive standard. Hence you can have a highly efficient window to complete your passive house project in addition to a full range of options for ultimate design flexibility. Also, triple glazed windows make sense in passive homes with little if any additional heating.

Performance That Leads to Satisfaction

The quality of the installation of your triple glazed window will determine its performance, and it is sensible to include the reputation and experience of your window supplier when choosing your triple glazed product. Ask about their procedure for installation and to visit a number of projects they have completed. Poor installation of any window be it double or triple glazed will lead to air leakage around the frame and will prove a poor investment over the lifetime of your building. Marvin Architectural has its own dedicated installation department which trained, experienced, skilled craftspeople who will supervise and sign off on every window that is installed.

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