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Features & Benefits Of A Marvin Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Window:

  • Low-Maintenance/Ultra-Durable Exterior: Marvin’s extruded aluminium cladding is made with the industry’s highest level of certification, AAMA 2605, which makes it resistant to fading and chalking.
  • Authentic Wood Interior: With a range of optional wood species to select for the interior of the window, customers can continue to experience all the benefits of a wooden interior and an extremely durable exterior.
  • Endless Design Versatility: Marvin provides you with the ability to customise your aluminium clad wood sash windows with a diverse range of design and performance options to suit your individual needs.
  • Bespoke Sash Horns: Marvin offer’s a wide range of bespoke aluclad sash horns which allow you to maintain a traditional UK window style.
  • Narrow Checkrail: Provides a traditional design for your sash window which results in slimmer profiles.
  • State-Of-The-Art Operation System: A contemporary spring loaded sash balance system allows a smooth operating system that allows you to open your window with ease.
  • Easy Tilt Mode: Marvin’s sashes can be tilted to the desired position so you can clean your windows with ease.
  • Multipoint Locking System: A sophisticated locking system that locks directly into the window jamb.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Marvin offers a wide range of different glazing design options (Double or Triple Glazing) which comes with Low E glass and Argon gas as standard. Find out how you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 35% with Marvin windows. Learn more.

Sash Windows Made For You

Aluminum Clad Wood In Grey

Sash windows consist of one or two moving glass panels which open by sliding vertically. A system of weights, cords and pulleys support and balance the panels. Some sash windows also follow Georgian window frames.

The internal frame surrounding a sash window is a main interior design feature in a room, which enhances the amount of natural light and forms a lovely and classical feel.

Old timber sash windows are prone to rattle and provide poor insulation. If not correctly maintained, the wood can also show shrinkage and distortion.

The Marvin Architectural team of technicians and installers have replaced conservation approved sash windows in very prestigious buildings such as Eton College.

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A Classic Concept Reinvented With Purpose

With its innovative keeperless hardware system, multipoint locking system, lockable vent mode and other performance and aesthetic-enhancing improvements, this window seamlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with Marvin’s legendary craftsmanship without sacrificing the traditional sliding sash look. The large variety of available sizes and the unmatched performance is what sets this window apart from the rest.

Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Window Design Options
With endless design possibilities, Marvin’s Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Window is truly built around you.

Georgian and Victorian Sash Windows

Sash windows have been around England for centuries. The box sash window can find its origins in 17th Century London and it was the most popular window design after the great fire of London (1666). Examples of which can be seen in the remodelled Hampton Court and Kensington Palace.

The original multi-paned sash window (6 over 6) became popular in the Georgian Period 1714 -1811 and over a period of 150 years with advances in glass manufacturing developed into 4 over 4 panes commonly referred to as the Victorian style. The sash window while not as popular in postmodern architecture is still a favourite with some homeowners who prefer the classical proportions of the sash window.

Gerogian Window Interior
Marvin Architectural specialises in providing historically accurate designs with state-of-the-art modern performance that will enhance the comfort of your period home.

Sash Windows Replacement

Based in Hayes, Marvin Architectural has a team dedicated to the replacement of sash windows and has an impressive portfolio of projects over the past 25 years from new-build designs to sash windows restoration in buildings where every original needed to be copied and approved by conservation architects. Poundbury, an urban extension to the Dorset county town of Dorchester, built on Duchy of Cornwall land according to architectural principles advocated by The Prince of Wales, features Marvin conservation windows.

Marvin windows also provide a replacement modern sash windows which combine state of the art technology with age-old traditional crafting skills. Marvin Architectural sliding sash is available in full wood or aluminium clad/wood versions which replicate the look of traditional sash windows and can even have weights and pulleys. They have the advantage of smooth-running parts and Low-E 11 energy efficiency which provides a year-round comfort factor and reduces your heating bills significantly. The Marvin aluminium clad exterior almost eliminates the need for maintenance which is a popular option for today’s busy lifestyle.

Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Windows

Marvin’s aluminium clad wood sash window has an extruded aluminium exterior along with all the benefits of real wood windows providing you with a low maintenance window solution. Marvin Architectural is unique in providing an extruded aluminium clad sash that looks like painted wood, is colourfast and dent free. The aluminium clad wood sash is so authentic in appearance that it is a perfect option for replacement upgrade and a very affordable quality window for new build projects.

The clad exterior replicates authentic wood carpentry detail and you can choose from 25 standard clad colours in the range as well as custom colour options which will look the same 20 years later as the day it was installed, giving you architectural appeal and commercial grade performance. Marvin Architectural customers can benefit from a full turn-key service including sash window design, painting and installation.

Aluminium Cladding Close Up


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