Double Glazed Windows

Aluminium Clad Wood Double Glazed Windows

It is common place to see new residences with double or triple glazed windows. Marvin double- and triple-glazed windows are supplied with insulating glazing units (IGUs). Usually, IGU consists of two panes of glass separated by a spacer at the edge, which is filled with air or harmless gas. The spacer determines the distance between the panes and seals the cavity. It must be gas-tight to keep the gas between the panes (typically argon or krypton) from escaping and also to avoid the entry of moisture. Marvin double glazed windows have a Low-E coating on one side of the pane. The Low-E coating faces the air space between the panes, so that the coating is protected from any abuse.

Importance of High-Quality Windows

Windows give character to a building. Their shape, size, position and materials impact not only the external kerb appeal of a property but also the inside. New or replacement windows must attain aesthetics, economy and performance.

The decision-making process of windows and doors can be quite overwhelming. Their style, efficiency and quality play an essential role in customer satisfaction. Important details such as the amount of daylight that enters the room through the glass can make a difference in utility bills savings and overall comfort of the house.

Badly insulated windows can lose fifteen percent of the heat inside the house. The U-factor value of a window determines the amount of heat that drifts out through the glass. The lower the U-value, the less heat will leave. With heat insulation comes sound insulation. Double glazed windows can dramatically reduce external sounds.

Marvin Low-E coating Windows

Marvin Low-E coatings not only reflects heat in one direction, but it works in both directions. Low-E coating results in lowering the U-value of the air space while reducing the heat transfer from the interior to the exterior during the colder months and from the exterior to the interior during the Summer.

Since the introduction of Marvin Low-E 11 double glazing, the homeowner can enjoy expansive use of glass on the North facing aspect of their home without the headache of extra heating bills. In addition, large double glazed screens add drama, abundant natural light and skyscapes to your home.

Marvin double glazed units are CE certified and have a slimness to the frame that creates a more defined and sophisticated look on the exterior and interior of your home. With an unlimited customisable window capability, Marvin double glazed units can meet the needs of the homeowner who prefers large glazed units providing for un–interrupted views or the more traditional style home with an emphasis on classical window proportions.

Low-Maintenance Clad Exterior

Marvin aluminium clad wood window has an extruded aluminium exterior along with all the benefits of real wood windows providing you with a low maintenance window solution. The clad exterior replicates authentic wood carpentry detail and you can choose from 25 standard clad colours in the range as well as custom colour options which will look the same 20 years later as the day it was installed, giving you architectural appeal and commercial grade performance. Marvin Architectural customers can benefit from a full turn-key service including sash window design, painting and installation.

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