Patio Doors

Aluminium Clad Wood Patio Doors

Patio doors offer an advantageous access and allow a seamless transition from the outside to inside, filling the room with natural light. Marvin patio door features a more narrow profile in order to provide a larger glass area. The wide glass of this door is a modern feature both aesthetically and functionally since it’s visually appealing and its frames and glass provide energy efficiency and security.

Obscure glass is a great option for areas where privacy is desired or where light is needed but the view is unattractive. This opaque glazing allows light to pass through your patio doors but eliminates visibility. The obscure option is available on both Infinity’s Low E2 and Low E3 glass. And especially in areas of where traffic noise is a concern the Sound Transmission Glass on the patio doors with its increased pane thickness reduces the transmission of noise by reflecting the energy of the sound waves.

Low-Maintenance and High-Performance

Aluminium clad wood patio doors are a preferred option for homeowners because they are tough and durable with low-maintenance, especially in apartment blocks where annual maintenance fees by management companies can be excessive.

The extruded aluminium exterior is finished in commercial-grade paint for superior resistance to fading and chalking and means you get a maintenance free solution with a 10/20 year warranty, while still benefiting from the beauty and warmth of natural wood on the inside.

Sliding Patio Doors For Your Home

Marvin’s aluminium clad wood sliding door gives you a contemporary and elegant door solution this is particularly ideal for areas where space is limited. These doors are a popular option for homeowners who wish to maximise space where balcony space is a precious and every foot counts.

Marvin sliding patio doors set the industry benchmark for effortless and graceful operation with styles to complement any room design. Features include narrow stiles and rails to take advantage of light and space and create an elegant, vertical interior look. The two-point locking system provides for maximum security which is major concern in urban areas.

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