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Aluminium Clad Wood Front Doors

The front door to your home is the major element that connects to both the exterior and interior style of the house. It can make any home stand out from the rest. Choosing the perfect design amidst a number of options for your entrance door is the first step to creating a home you feel proud of.

There are a selection of materials to decide on for a great door, such as wood, aluminium or glass. Wood doors are usually used for traditional style homes, which can add dimension and interest with panels.

Aluminium clad wood doors are a perfect match for modern home designs. Marvin aluminium clad wood front doors are a direct response to the customers’ need for a product that does not require any maintenance. The real superior advantage of the Marvin cladding is that it is profiled like wood whilst offering many additional benefits including low maintenance and colour-fastness, with unique layouts that the mind can think of. Unlike roll form aluminium it is dent-free and always looks as new as the day it was installed.

Glass doors recall modern homes but they can also bring a traditional combination. Most often modern front doors have clear glass for unobstructed views and a perception of openness. More traditional glass doors generally have obscure glass, benefiting from natural light while still providing privacy to the residents.

With Marvin’s Bespoke Doors, Your Choice of Door is Unlimited

Our bespoke front doors offer your home a great opportunity not only to create exit and entrance points but also to frame scenic views, generate interior drama, capture sky-scapes and maximise natural light with a virtually no-maintenance aluminium clad exterior. When it comes to colour, it is important to consider if you’d prefer a contrasting door colour or if you’d rather it to blend-in with your home’s exterior.

Homes are as distinct as the people living in them, and your front door choice shouldn’t be any different. Marvin Architectural helps you select a front door that represents your personality and your home’s style. The superior crafting, the excellent performance and our CE certified products are a statement of the importance of doors and windows in defining characteristic in the feel and look of your home. Marvin Architectural in-house team of technicians, designers and installation experts take all of these elements into consideration when designing your door for your project.

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