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Features & Benefits Of A Marvin Aluminium Clad Wood French Door

  • Unlimited Design Capabilities: Marvin offers virtually unlimited bespoke design options with wood species & stains, hardware options/finishes, glazing designs and RAL/Custom Clad  factory finish colours to match the style of your home be it traditional or contemporary.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free: The extruded aluminium cladding on the exterior of the french door provides a maintenance free solution against chalking, fading, marring and corrosion from the natural elements. Clad finishes meet AAMA 2605 specifications.
  • Bare Wood Interior: Marvin’s high quality wood options on the interior of the french door makes it easy to complement any interior design.
  • Slimmer Profiles: Marvin french doors consist of aesthetically pleasing slim profile designs which produce a clean and detailed look.
  • Smooth Performance: Marvin’s adjustable hinges keep your french door operating smoothly for years to come.
  • Increased Security: Marvin’s concealed multi-point locking system locks straight into the jamb which enhances security for your home.
  • High-Performing Glazing Options: All Marvin Low E glazing comes with a single layer of metallic coating which provides year round performance and comfort. Argon gas is used between the panes to slow down heat transfer and decrease the loss of energy in your home by up to 35%.
  • Ultra-Durable Sill: A super-tough Ultrex sill improves both air-tightness and durability at the bottom of your Marvin french doors.
  • Casings Options: Choose from a wide range of aluminium casing options to add greater architectural detail to your home.
  • Extensive Warranty: Marvin aluminium clad wood french doors come with a 20 year warranty as standard.

Aluminium Clad Wood French Doors Made For You


Marvin’s Wooden French Aluminium Clad Doors perfectly exemplify the many benefits of aluminium clad doors. The Aluminum Clad Wood French Door has a high performance, extruded aluminium clad exterior which gives you a maintenance-free alternative to the traditional wooden French door while still benefiting from the beautiful warmth of the crafted wood interior, You can choose to have the interior factory paint finished or lacquered in your choice of colour as standard.

The aluminium exterior of this Marvin French door is finished in a commercial-grade paint for superior resistance to fading and chalking and is supported by a 10/20 year warranty. You can choose either inswing or outswing doors in a variety of styles, engineered to deliver trouble-free performance over its lifetime.

The Marvin Architectural team will help you decide on the most suitable Aluminium Clad Wood French door option for your home and you can also choose Marvin Architectural’s full installation package.

For the very best in Aluminium Clad Doors, contact Marvin today using the convenient enquiry form on the right.

Unlimited Design Versatility At Your Disposal

All Marvin customers are provided with custom drawings of their new products in order for them to truly visualize their new design in their home. This ensures that every inch of detail has been evaluated and the customer is truly satisfied with their french door. Marvin’s architectural department works with each and every customer to find the perfect product that will leave the customer satisfied for years to come.

Wooden French Door Designs
Maintain the authentic feel of a wooden interior with Marvin’s beautifully handcrafted french doors. What will your Marvin design be?

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