Entrance Doors

Aluminium Clad Wood Entrance Doors

All too often homeowners think they have to settle for “middle of the road” design that does not do justice to their dream or create the welcoming feeling that they desire when visitors arrive at their home. However, there are still customers who will insist on their vision of a unique entrance door being delivered on. Remember all too often front or entrance doors do not properly reflect the quality of your home.

The cladding on the exterior is a direct response to the customers’ need for a product that does not require any maintenance. The real superior advantage of the Marvin cladding is that it is profiled like wood whilst offering many additional benefits including low maintenance and colour-fastness. Unlike roll form aluminium it is dent-free and always looks as new as the day it was installed.

Built Around You

The Marvin Architectural in-house technical and design team love a challenge and will work with you to design, draw and engineer the entrance doors you want to be proud of.  All aspects of the challenge from energy efficient, to feel warm and welcoming, and to suggest, from the exterior that your home is architecturally beautiful and inviting will be met. Marvin Architectural supply custom size entrance doors to the homeowner and commercial customer.

Marvin Architectural offers entrance doors and entry systems that include:

  • Wood and Aluminium clad wood
  • One door frame with multiple panels (2, 3 and 4 panels)
  • Narrower stiles on the flanker/sidelight panels, which differentiates this door’s system from other multiple panel doors

Commercial Entrance Doors

Marvin Commercial Entrance Doors have it all: rugged durability, sophisticated design, a variety of customization options and industry-leading innovation. The commercial door is made to commercial standards and manufactured on a dedicated production line using construction and assembly processes that are different from our residential doors. The dedicated in-house installation team at Marvin Architectural headquartered in Brentford TW8 8BD will look after the full installation detail in relation to your entrance doors and our after care service and extensive warranty will ensure you peace of mind for years to come.

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