How To Add Value To Your Home

Planning on Selling Your Home? Here’s Some Advice on How To Increase The Value of Your Property.

How To Add Value To Your Home

06 February 2019

Update your Kitchen

Even the smallest changes can result in big value. As the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home it is important that it makes a good first impression. The kitchen is where families tend to spend more time than any other room in the house. Many prospective buyers are looking for modern, updated kitchens. An updated kitchen will make your property more appealing to prospective buyers. You may choose to link your kitchen to your garden by adding large patio doors.

How To Add Value To Your Home - Marvin Architectural

Update or Add  A New Bathroom

Updating your bathroom will give the room a clean and modern feel and creates a high degree of functionality. You want your bathroom to be both functional and stylish. If your house has only one bathroom it would be beneficial to add an extra one. Adding an extra bathroom or ensuite can make your home more suitable for those with large families.

Convert Unused Space

Consider converting unused spaces such as a garage or attic into another bedroom, bathroom or living space. The general rule of thumb for real estate is that more rooms will add more value to a home. An extra room with function is an additional selling point. Adding an extra living space makes the house more functional for growing families.

Prioritise Kerb Appeal And Landscaping

When it comes to buying homes, first impressions count. By upgrading the exterior of your home, you can influence a potential buyers’ decision before they even step inside your home. Your front door entranceway is the face of your home. Clean up and repaint your front door, If it is old and worn replace it with something more modern and contemporary. To maximize kerb appeal make sure the lawn is cut, add some flower pots, repaint the fence, upgrade porch lighting and fixtures.

How to add value to your home - Marvin Architectural



Build A New Driveway

The ability to park your car close to the front door in an urban area comes at a premium. Not having a driveway could turn some prospective buyers off especially if the area offers no off-road parking. Adding a driveway outside your home will add value, appeal and an additional selling point. Consider converting part of your front garden into a parking area.


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