A Greener Future Inside and Out with Sustainable Windows

"Green" is everywhere these days. In many industries, if you can't say you're green you might as well not show up. But at Marvin, sustainability is more than just a slogan.

Sustainable Windows – A Focus On Being Green

For Marvin Architectural the natural world isn’t an abstract concept; it begins right outside our door and goes as far as the eye can see. Being green — really green — is our commitment to the environment, to our employees, to our customers, and to their clients. But it’s also a commitment to our future, because as a privately-held, family-owned company we’re used to taking a long-term view, and we recognise that a serious commitment to green operation is just good business.Green Efficient Sustainable Windows

Thinking Green

Sustainability informs every aspect of our business. Our fleet Is managed for fuel efficiency. Our trucks are maintained to reduce pollution and eliminate wasteful operation., and our routing is designed to optimise loading and unnecessary miles. We also continue to explore new ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Internally our research and development operations are constantly looking for new ways to make our products and processes more energy efficient. We have had a product analysis process in place for years to screen new materials for environmental impact prior to products entering our facilities. Of course everything we know and everything we learn about green products and processes makes its way to our customers.

Environment Friendly Windows

A Green Commitment You Can Trust

At Marvin, we are committed to the health of forests, not just forests where we are or forests that supply the materials we use, but worldwide. We support the preservation of old growth and ancient rain forests, and financially support and enable the mission of the Tropical Forest Foundation. We support forest management education programs.

The Forestry Stewardship Council certification allows the homeowner to trace the wood in their window & door product  right back to the very tree from which it is crafted. This is testament to Marvin’s commitment to best environmental and ethical practice.

The Marvin family of companies are dedicated to finding innovative, collaborative and practical ways to continuously improve the sustainability of our products and processes. No matter what you order, you can count on meticulous craftsmanship, respect for the environment, durability and energy efficiency.

Download your copy of the Marvin focus on sustainability brochure by clicking on the link below!

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