Low Maintenance Windows that are Built To Last.

Marvin Low Maintenance Windows can offer extruded aluminium crafted to resist the most extreme elements while giving you commercial strength and durability.

Low Maintenance Windows Built for You

When you embark on a refurbishment, new build or extension projects, you make a commitment of your time and money. At Marvin Windows and Doors, we understand the meaning of commitment and what it means to you. That’s why we offer you windows and doors with exterior cladding that will withstand not only the test of time, but also the elements.

Low Maintenance Windows

Aluminium Clad Wood Windows: Performance for a lifetime

Our standard finish will retain its beauty for years to come. Of course, our windows don’t come by this beauty naturally. The aluminium is put through a series of rigorous processes that make it resistant to impact abrasion and fading. Lasting durability starts with a chemical reaction.

Our standards for durability and beauty are high, so it took years of engineering to master the superior finish that comes standard on all Marvin clad products.

During manufacturing, we create a chemical bond between the extruded aluminium and Flurospar( a fluropolymer finish with 70% Kynar 500) which is an advanced and extremely hard finish. In fact, this finish is so durable that it exceeds manufacturing standards usually set for commercial products. But we believe in only one standard – excellence.

Low Maintenance Window

Introducing the Marvin Curb Appeal

We’re making an appeal to end exterior monotony. No longer should you have to feel shacked by the limitations of clad windows and doors. Its time you had a choice. That’s why we’re taking a stand with 19 colour options, 9 casing profiles, 6 subsills and an extruded aluminium that’s substantially stronger than roll-form aluminium with a protective Kynar finish that offers superior resistance to fading and chalking.

We’re giving you the product selection you deserve and making them easier than ever to order. Everyone will appreciate windows and doors made with furniture-grade construction that are easy to install, flexible in design and come with a wide array of options to help a vision come to life. Our windows and doors not only perform beautifully, but are also a true reflection of a personal style and an end to exterior monotony.

Download the Aluminium Clad Wood Information Brochure