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Choosing The Perfect Energy Efficient Windows For Your Home

Windows and doors are an essential part of keeping a comfortable home. Energy efficient windows reduce your heating bills considerably and maintain the house much quieter. Also, high-quality windows will add value and kerb appeal to your home.

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We understand how overwhelming it feels to choose the perfect windows and doors for your home with all the styles, materials and details available in the market. But you’ll have no trouble finding one or more Marvin solutions perfect for your needs.

Materials Matter

Window frames materials behave and age differently, which determines the improvement on the overall comfort and look of your home. We offer energy efficient windows and doors with the latest technology advances in materials that provide superior performance, low-maintenance exteriors and long-lasting durability.

The variety of materials from Marvin complement the style of your home, including wood, aluminium clad and fiberglass clad.

  • Wood: the unique beauty of high-quality wood also offers good insulation properties to enhance thermal comfort. It involves sporadic maintenance, such as periodic painting or staining.
  • Aluminium clad: Marvin’s extremely durable extruded aluminium substrate is significantly stronger than roll-form aluminium, offering a virtually free-maintenance window. Marvin clad meets the toughest standards for a finish with superior resistance to fading and chalking.
  • Fibreglass clad: Ultrex pultruded fibreglass is a material patented nearly 20 years ago by Marvin. It has led the category ever since with a product that is environmentally friendly, smart, strong and maintenance-free.

Glazing Options

Recent technology advances have expanded the range of options in window glass. Depending on your climate or your unique needs, you get to choose the best glazing elements for your window. The energy efficiency of your window is not determined by the number of panes of glass. Rather it’s the air between the panes that improves insulation.loweII diagram

Marvin Architectural offers a selection of performance and specialty glass options to meet the most rigorous requirements.

Windows Styles

Choosing the style of energy efficient windows can be a personal preference, but there are design considerations based on what already exists in the house and how the new windows would match them. Marvin Architectural team of experts including technicians, CAD specialists, experienced designers and craftspeople will guide you through this process and ensure that you acquire the window that will suit your specific needs.

Marvin Windows Styles

Marvin Architectural offers windows with traditional profiles for replacement, new build and commercial projects with full custom capability. Remember that installation is also important to deliver the full look and comfort you expect from your windows and doors. Our turnkey services provide installation with a skilled and certified team for our specific products.

Window Guide: The Anatomy of a Window

Download your window guide for details of the parts and styles of windows.


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