Energy Efficient Windows and Doors for your Home

With Marvin Architectural, you can get energy efficient windows and doors that will not only lower fuel costs but improve comfort in your home.

Windows That Warm The Cool Days And Cool The Warm Ones

The beauty of Marvin’s Built Around You philosophy is that it allows us to respond to your needs and personalise your windows. This philosophy extends to providing glazing options that can make a home more comfortable. Whether you need to keep a room warm in cold climates or cool in warm climates, Marvin Architectural has a variety of glazing options a long with our energy efficient windows and doors.

Energy Efficient Windows

Doubled Sealed – Double Protection

The first step in increasing the energy efficiency of windows or doors is to use insulating glass (IG). Insulating glass, also known as Double Glazing, is standard on all Marvin windows and doors. Its primary purpose is to keep the inside heat (or cold) from being transferred outside the home, thereby reducing energy costs.

The construction of insulating glass is critical to long-term performance. To ensure a tight seal between the panes, Marvin bonds the glass to the spacer bars using polyurethane or silicone. Then, polyisobutylene is applied around the entire perimeter creating a dual seal to prevent moisture and air penetration which could decrease efficiency as well as cause unsightly fogging between the panes.

    A Argon Gas     B Low E Coating

Double Glazing Diagram

Low E With Argon Means Lower Energy Costs

The benefits obtained by using insulating glass can be further enhanced with special glass coatings and gases like argon. Low Emissivity (Low E) coatings help keep heat out or in depending on your needs. Low E also reduces ultraviolet ray penetration by 73% to help keep drapes, rugs and furniture from fading.

Low E glass comes as standard with argon gas (instead of air) between the panes in standard one-lite units to increase energy savings even more. Argon is colourless, odourless, non-corrosive, nontoxic and non-flammable. It’s known for its insulating qualities and provides 30% more resistance to thermal conductivity than air.

Energy Efficint Timber Windows

Warm Edge Technology Improve R Values & Reduces Condensation

Traditional aluminum spacers have two “bridges” that can transfer heat and cold. Our Warm Edge spacers use low conductive material, reducing temperature transfer. The result is greater energy efficiency and improved comfort.

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