Bespoke Windows and Doors
Built Around You

With Marvin, you get high quality bespoke windows and doors, tailored to your needs from design to supply and installation.


About Us

Marvin Architectural is the sole nominated distributor for Marvin window and door products in the U.K. The U.K. headquarters was first established in 1994 as a sales office and has over the past 20 years expanded in response to our loyal customer needs.

Our London Showroom

The 10,000 sq. ft. premises facing onto the River Thames in Brentford now includes a full showroom, a window and door design department, replacement and refurbishment division.

Customers can avail of free parking beside our showroom.


Our Services

Marvin Architectural employs over 50 people including a nationwide sales force, site surveyors, in-house dedicated installation teams, in-house window and door design specialists, painters and replacement and refurbishment experts.

This turn-key service to the customer is a crucial part of the Marvin Architectural philosophy combined with an experienced team, excellence of product and customisation of client’s needs.


  • On-Site Survey
  • Access To In-House Drawing Service (Shop Drawings, Project Visualisation & CAD drawings)
  • Value Engineering
  • Full In-House Window & Door Installation (Including Window Boards, Shutters & Architrave options)

Our Experience

The number of projects completed to date is over 2500 from one window installation to commercial projects of over 900 units+. Each product is custom designed for you and each project is treated with the same attention to detail which is the hallmark of the Marvin Architectural team.

Why Marvin Architectural?

Why would you invest in a Marvin window and door? Yes, the crafting is superior, yes the performance is excellent and of course, our windows and doors are CE certified. However what all our clients have in common is their love of home and appreciation of how windows are a defining characteristic of the feel and look of their home.

The most rewarding aspect of investing in Marvin Architectural product is above all the feeling of luxury, design and harmony that is created when the “made for you” Marvin product is installed into your home. And there’s more! Estate agents love selling Marvin homes. Why? Simply because they sell quicker and at a premium.

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